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Location Tracking with GPS Tracking

Within the US over 113 cell phones are either stolen or lost every minute - plateautel.com

GPS location tracking can come in handy if you’re trying to keep dips on the whereabouts of your kids and delivery guys. This feature works wonders on PC as well, if you’re trying to keep an eye on a laptop. This feature allows you to:

  • Check the precise latitude and longitude of your required device
  • Get the complete picture through an online map built into your dashboard
  • Remotely monitor your required person’s trail with regular intervals
  • Check for location updates with as little as an 8 minute interval
Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
Best Cell Phone Spy Apps

How Location is Tracked with GPS

Mobistealth can even serve as an effective location tracker as it can obtain the device owner’s location information using the GPS service. It then shows the location on a map which the user can view using his online Mobistealth account.

GPS Track Your Way to Safety

If a phone is stolen or lost, this feature becomes instrumental in helping recover personal data and keeping information secure. In addition to keeping tabs on where the phone and its user are, you can also make sure that the phone doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. For instance, if you’re an employer, the likelihood is that you’ve handed over a company funded phone to your employee; this phone will most definitely be one that is used for official work and ensuring that it is found once stolen or lost is in the best interest of the firm. The same is the case with parents who hand over expensive phones to their offspring only to have them report back a missing device. The best part is that Mobistealth’s labs have ensured that the sensitive data that is captured through the GPS tracker stays locked in the dashboard it’s associated with.

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