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Parental Control Software

Parental Control Software is a 21st Century solution for monitoring and protecting children from potential threats. Mobistealth is your comprehensive parental monitoring solution because it can monitor both cell phone and computer activities. Once installed, the parental monitoring software is completely undetectable by the user and will begin recording the child's cell phone and computer activities. You can view the collected data from anywhere with Internet access by logging into your Mobistealth user account. For prices starting around $0.50 a day, Mobistealth provides the most advanced Parental Control Software on the market today that parents can use to:

  • Monitor a Child's Cell Phone and Computer Activities
  • View All Pictures, Texts, and Emails
  • Track Cell Phone Location 24/7
  • View Entire Web Browsing History
  • Engage Stealth Mode and View All Activities Without Child's Knowledge

Protect Your Child with These Computer Monitoring Tools

Keystroke Log

Parents can use this computer monitoring feature to view every last keystroke made since the parental control software was installed.

Screen Shots

Mobistealth Parental Monitoring Software will generate an automatic screen shot whenever your child changes applications or visits a new website.

Yahoo Chat Log

This parental control feature will allow you to view all IM’s created in Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo, Hotmail & Gmail Logging

Keep an eye on Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo emails of your kids.

Gmail Chat Logging

This feature allows remote monitoring of chat done inside Gmail Account.

Laptop Location Reporting

Mobistealth is the only Parental Monitoring Software to report location of child’s laptop.

Skype Chat

Monitor Skype Chats of children

Monitor Following Features of Your Child's Cell Phone

No ROOTING Required

Call Details

See who is in contact with your child including hidden contacts using this convenient parental monitoring tool.

Best Cell Phone Spy Apps

Key Stroke Logging

This surveillance tools records all key strokes from the child’s cell phone and sends them to your Mobistealth user account for review.

Text Message Logging

This Mobistealth Parental Control feature sends all texts sent or received on the cell phone directly to your user account for review.

Internet History

View every website your child visits on their smart phone using this advanced surveillance tool.

Picture Logging

Parents can view all pictures sent/received on the child’s smart phone using this feature.

Location Tracking

This advanced parental monitoring tool helps you keep an eye on your children even when they aren’t around.

Contact Details

Find out exactly who is in your child’s social network when you review the information collected by this parental monitoring feature.

Application List

This feature of MobiStealth will log all available apps on your child's phone and you can view the list in your dashboard.

Instagram/Whatsapp/Facebook Chat Logging

You can view all chats done by your child using Instagram/Whatsapp/Facebook

Email Log

Quickly review all of your child’s incoming and outgoing emails from their cell phone using Mobistealth Parental Control Software.

Call Recording

Mobistealth Parental Control Software for Android phones makes a record of all incoming and outgoing phone calls for parents to review to at their discretion.

We are compatible on all carriers

  • 3M
  • at&t
  • Orange TM
  • Sprint
  • T Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Vodafone
  • Verizon