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ScreenShots Logging (Computer Only)

One of the most popular means of monitoring encrypted data is ScreenShot taking software

There's no software that can virtually deliver the imprint of every digital step that a person takes on a system. A software can only go as far as monitoring certain elements – but Mobistealth goes a step further by introducing ScreenShots. With this feature you can:

  • Take screen shots of the PC you’re trying to monitor at as little as 5 minute intervals or as long as 999 minute intervals
  • Record activity through screen shots without any notifications or sounds alerting the user that’s being monitored
  • Get access to scores of encrypted data and sensitive information
PC Monitoring Software
PC Monitoring Software

How ScreenShots are Logged

The screenshot feature of the Mobistealth app works simply by collecting screenshots at regular intervals while the device is being used and then making them available on the user’s panel for access. The interval for screenshots can even be customized using the online panel to suit the user’s requirement.

What good is a ScreenShot ?

Mobistealth devised the ScreenShot feature knowing full well that there’s always going to be data that can’t be captured easily. With regular image based updates on your required PC’s activity you never have to worry about what’s going on when encrypted pages kick in or a program/file/software that can’t be monitored is used. Parents can use it to make sure their ward isn’t up to no good with things like video games or oddball websites etc. And employers can ensure that their sensitive information isn’t being leaked through encrypted means.

Available on :

We are compatible on all carriers

  • 3M
  • at&t
  • Orange TM
  • Sprint
  • T Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Vodafone
  • Verizon