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Monitoring with MobiStealth is as easy as 1-2-3

Link MobiStealth with the target device in just few minutes and then remotely monitor all activities

How Does It Works?

Sign Up for MobiStealth Service

1. Sign-Up

First you need to sign up for MobiStealth Service by selecting the pricing plan that best suits your needs.


2. Connect with Target Device

For all Android/PC devices, you need to install MobiStealth app on target device which takes just few minutes and becomes hidden after installation. If you want to monitor iPhone then you need to configure MobiStealth on Mac/Windows Laptop/PC using iPhone. Nothing will be installed on iPhone


3. Start Monitoring

Log into your MobiStealth control panel and start monitoring all device activities like sms, calls, location, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.


Do you offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, MobiStealth offers 15 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service then contact our support via live chat or email and we’ll issue you full refund. For detailed refund policy, please visit Refund Policy

What devices are supported by Mobistealth?

MobiStealth supports all Android and iPhone/iPad models. It also supports all Windows and Mac computers.

Does MobiStealth work worldwide?

Yes, MobiStealth works worldwide as its functionality is independent of any mobile carrier. All you need is internet/WiFi on the phone you want to monitor.

Do I need to jailbreak the iPhone/iPad?

No, Mobistealth doesn’t require the target iPhone/iPad to be jailbroken.

Is physical access of target Phone Required?

Yes physical access is needed for few minutes to install MobiStealth on the phone you want to monitor.

How can i monitor iPhone

If you have a MacBook/WindowsPC, then you can monitor target iPhone device with iBackup solution. First time physical access will be required to configure iBackup method. It works similar to the iTunes backup service. You’ll be able to fetch data of target iOS device first time through USB and after that; remotely over the same WiFi connection. However nothing will be installed on iPhone. Detailed installation instructions will be provided after purchasing the license.

Is MobiStealth installed on the SIM card of the phone?

No, MobiStealth is installed on the internal memory of the phone and works independent of the SIM card.

Can i monitor iPhone if Two-Factor authentication enabled?

iBackup method also bypasses the iCloud Two-factor authentication issue. You'll also be able to monitor activity of target device even if Two-Factor is enabled on the target iCloud account

Will users know MobiStealth is installed or running?

For iOS devices, nothing is installed on the target device so it can’t be detected. For all other devices, you can select the option to hide app icon during installation so that it becomes invisible on the device.

Can i switch Phone under one license?

Yes, you can switch as many phones as you like under one license.

Will there be any errors on the target phone after the license expires?

No, there will not be any sign of MobiStealth on target phone even after license has expired.

Do I have to reinstall the software on target device if I Upgrade/Renew my license?

No you don't need to install anything new after you Upgrade/Renew the license. All adjustments are made automatically to activate new features

Do you offer any free Trial?

No, currently we are not offering free trial. However we do offer one month (Android only)subscription.

We are compatible on all carriers

  • 3M
  • at&t
  • Orange TM
  • Sprint
  • T Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Vodafone
  • Verizon