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MobiStealth Privacy Policy

This document delineates the practices that our services (including MobiStealth website, mobile and desktop applications) follow regarding privacy.

By agreeing to use our products and services, you agree to accept this Privacy Policy, which comes into full effect the time you contact us for any reason or provide your personal information when you register with us. By doing so you agree to the terms laid out in this policy for the collection, storage and processing of your personal data, including electronic communication. This policy may be amended as and when needed, in view of the prevailing law. However, you will be notified of these changes.

Information Collection and Use

All the information collected by MobiStealth services (including MobiStealth website, mobile and desktop applications) will be owned by MobiStealth solely. This information will not be sold, shared, or rented to anyone else in any manner other than explained here.

Information we receive from your use of MobiStealth Parental control application

In order to provide you with the ability to monitor and control your child’s device (mobile phone & computer) usage MobiStealth Parental control application may read and transfer to our servers various information about the device or information stored on the device, including but not limited to: the phone number, the IMEI, the IMSI, the ICCID, the ESN and the model of the device.

When registering MobiStealth Parental Control application on child’s device we will collect and transfer to our servers using internet: the parent’s email address & password, child’s contacts, sms history, Gmail history, call history, web browsing history and applications that are installed on the child’s device.

When MobiStealth Parental Control application is in use/active on the device, we may read, collect and transfer to our servers using internet, the location of your child’s device, child’s contacts, text messages, Gmail history, Call details, web browsing details, installed applications and the usage of the applications on your child’s device.

Web forms

When using our website, you may come across some web forms and if you submit them to us, all information that you fill in, like your contact, comments etc, will be collected. All such required information will be indicated. This data is collected to process your request and contact you later. However, if you are using third party services to communicate with us, you would be liable to follow their privacy policy as well.


Cookies are very important. Websites use them mainly to check the status of user's orders on their website. They do not identify users, only their computers. These cookies allow MobiStealth to manage the state of the order and can provide special offers to the customers.

IP Addresses

An IP address is like a real address but for computers. It is how they are recognized on the internet. MobiStealth collects its customers' IP addresses to assess and analyse overall trends and improve its service thereupon. However, we do not share this information with any third party without your permission.

Sharing of Information

MobiStealth will never sell, rent, license, exchange, or share any of your information without your permission. It may however do so under the following situations:

  • If MobiStealth is required by law; and
  • To enhance its market share and for other strategic business decisions, MobiStealth may disclose your information to its strategic partners and service providers.


MobiStealth takes every measure it can to protect your information and keep it safe. It uses technologies that prevent unauthorized access to your information. Nevertheless, no one can guarantee a 100% security for the transmission on the internet. While MobiStealth does its best to protect your personal information, it cannot ensure or warrant the security of your information you transmit to us, and you do it at your own risk.

MobiStealth as Data Processor

While you register for a MobiStealth account and any Third Party Data collection, in the context of "Third Party Data" you shall be Data Controller and MobiStealth as Data Processor, as far as the MobiStealth providing you Service is concerned.

MobiStealth services and software are meant for content monitoring and filtering services. This means that there will be instances where your data will be collected and transmitted from Software to the Platform. This may include data about end-users, URLs that they visited and such. However, the user is responsible for configuring the filtering and monitoring services. This will allow the Platform to identify which data to process. How the configurations are maintained is the responsibility of the user and MobiStealth takes no liability for that other than as data processor.

To the extent MobiStealth is a Data Processor, we shall

  1. Utilize suitable technological and organizational measures to protect Third Party Data;
  2. Process data in accordance with this policy document, and your instructions, if any;
  3. Not use data for purposes other than specified, or your written instructions, if any.

MobiStealth may however allow a subcontractor access to your data if it deems it crucial to the performance of the Services. It is up to you to make sure that you have appropriate consents from the data subjects whose data you have submitted. In case of any legal issues, the responsibility lies on you and MobiStealth will not be held liable for anything related to the data that you submitted.

Notification of Changes

If MobiStealth has to change its privacy policy, it will post those changes on its website's homepage for all users to go through it. If we have to use your personally identifiable information in a way other than under the terms it was collected, you will be notified via email. You can opt-in or opt-out of this option though.