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Social Media Spy: The Lowdown on Social Media Misuse

Never has the need to monitor social media been so obvious. The numbers on social media misuse are alarming – and growing by the day. Many advocate monitoring social media networks to ensure maximum security, and they're not wrong! Here's why:

The Parent Trap

In terms of parents, parental controls on social media are becoming increasingly important everyday, which is where the social media spy comes in. Teens can run amuck online, but not everything is fun and games. The digital world puts teens at an increased risk for cyber bullying, Facebook depression, sexting, exposure to inappropriate content etc. Parents need to keep a vigilant check on their teens before it's too late.

Social Media Spy

Employers beware

It's no news that employers have a tough time dealing with social media chaos at work. Not only does it kill productivity at work, social media also contributes to wastage of time and office resources. Employers also need to realize that social media sites present a real threat when it comes to an over share/leak of office information. In some of the worst cases, firms have had to go to great lengths to recover from slander and information leaks originating from their own employees.

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There's not a single person who chooses to monitor someone's social media activity for no reason. There are extremely valid and disturbing problems that force both parents and employers to keep a better check on their teens, and employees respectively. As the saying goes: one's always better safe than sorry.

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