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Parenting Hacks

You can perform different parenting hacks to keep a check on your kid's online activities with the help of Mobitstealth monitoring app. With this monitoring app, you can track your kid's text messages, phone calls, emails, location, and web browsing activities. Get your hands on Mobistealth today and make parenting easier!  

The Risks of WhatsApp for Kids and How Parental Controls Can Help

WhatsApp is a source of many dangers for the kids especially the way it is being used now. Learn the use of parental controls to protect them.

Prioritize Kids Mental Health with the Help of Monitoring Apps

Prioritize your child's mental well-being by using parental control software. Learn how to choose the right one, and foster trust while ensuring online safety.

Parental Connection with Kids: How Monitoring Apps Keep Parents in the Loop

In this digital era, it might seem hard to connect with your kids. Learn the use of monitoring apps to help you with that.

Online Predators – Get Help from Monitoring Apps

Protect your kids on social media from online predators. Get help from monitoring apps to make sure your kids are safe.

How to Keep Your Kid Away from Juvenile Delinquency?

Every kid is on the verge of becoming a victim of juvenile delinquency. Know why is that and how can you protect your kids?

Is Facebook Responsible for the Suicide of a 14-Year-Old Girl?

After looking at self-harming content on Instagram, a teen committed suicide. Is social media responsible for it?

Lonely Kids Often Turn to Internet Addiction

Loneliness can make kids turn to the internet and eventually, it becomes internet addiction. What are the signs and how you can help them? Learn about it.

Are Teens Getting Drugs from Their Homes?

Teens are stealing leftover medications from home and falling into addiction. How to recognize and stop this from happening?

Why Did An 18-Year-Old Kill Herself in Front of Her Family?

Cyberbullying has caused an 18-year-old girl to shot herself in front of the family. What could have possibly happened? Know all about it.

Teen Girl Rescued from An Alleged Online Predator at a Motel

The police saved a teen girl from the grasp of an online predator after they found her in a motel. Here is how you can protect teens from predators.

Busting the Common Myths About Parenting Teens

It can be challenging to raise teens. However, this process isn't complicated. Let us debunk the common myths about parenting teens.

Are Smartphones Making Teens Commit Suicide?

Why are kids committing suicide these days? Studies say that smartphones are making teens commit suicide. But what's the reason?

Want Your Kids to Succeed? Here's What to Do: Read to Them!

By reading out loud to your kids, you can raise them better. Kids who read with their parents are more likely to become successful kids.

These Odd Parenting Tips Will Surely Blow Your Mind

For decades, parents have been following different parenting techniques to raise their kids. Let's take a look at these odd parenting tips that some parents follow.

Parenting Tips for Dads: How to Be a Good Father to Your Kids

Do you want to learn to be a good father to your kids? Take a look at these parenting tips for dads and learn how to raise kids better.

Teens Faced Legal Actions for Bullying a Teen Schoolgirl

Teen girls faced legal actions for bullying another teen schoolgirl and leaving her injured at a restaurant. What could be the reasons and what happened next?

What Happened When A 12-Year-Old Took Legal Action Against TikTok?

Know how and why a 12-year-old girl took legal action against TikTok and why should people know about this.

These Funny Parenting Tips from Parents Will Make Your Day!

Not every time parenting should be tagged as something difficult. These funny parenting tips will show you a lighter side of parenting.

Why are Kids Committing Suicides Due to COVID-19?

It has been studied that teens are inclined towards committing suicide due to this COVID pandemic. Is this something new and what to do about it?

Tips on Parenting: Learn How to be A Good Parent

No wonder parenting is difficult and challenging. However, these effective tips on parenting can help you in becoming a good parent.

Single Parenting Tips: How to Be a Strong Single Parent for Your Kids

It doesn't matter if you have to raise your kids as a single parent. We have listed some effective and helpful single parenting tips for you.

Know What a Mother Did When her Son Harassed Chief Medical Officer

An aggressive teen boy harassed England's chief medical officer. His mother punished him due to his aggressive behavior by taking away Play Station from him.

Some Positive Parenting Tips Every Parent Should Know

Parenting can be challenging for most parents. They can make parenting easy by following these positive parenting tips.

Parenting Life Hacks: Here's How You Can Survive with Teens

Surviving with teens is not an easy job. They can make your life hell if you do not know how to deal with them. Follow these incredible parenting life hacks.

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