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These Funny Parenting Tips from Parents Will Make Your Day!

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Undoubtedly, parenting can be challenging as it is a different experience for every parent out there. If you are a first-time parent, it can be hard for you because you’re going to experience it for the first time. You can find various articles on the internet on parenting and read several books on it but sometimes, all you need is real advice from people who have gone through this process and who have been there.

Parenting doesn’t always need to be shown as something difficult. Certainly, it can be hard for parents but let’s take a look at it from another angle. In this post, we will talk about parenting but on a lighter note. We have compiled a list of funny parenting tips from real parents to give you an idea of what it means.

These funny parenting tips will give you the real essence of parenting and as well as useful information that we bet you won’t find in any Google article, YouTube video, or how-to books. Let’s take a look at some incredibly funny parenting tips.

Here Are Some Funny Parenting Tips

The following funny parenting tips will surely give you a good laugh:

  1. If you can’t find your kids in the house, simply turn off the internet. A few minutes later, you will watch your kids magically appear in front of you.
  2. If you find your kids suddenly getting along and are nice to each other for no apparent reason, you need to be very suspicious.
  3. Try taking your kids to a pumpkin patch and ask them to pick out any pumpkin. Later, you can ask them to carry the pumpkin to the car. Trust us, your kids would never want to go there again with you.
  4. If your kid is giving you a hard time and driving you crazy, make them a paper airplane and turn on the ceiling fan. That is going to buy you at least a few minutes of peace.
  5. When your teen says that they have picked it up something and put it right back, “right back” really means that they have put it somewhere far away from where it may be hidden forever.
  6. You can try this trick to keep your kids busy for some time. You can hide the matches in a dozen socks and ask your kids to find them. Now, you can go sit and enjoy a streaming cup of coffee because it is going to take a while for them to find all the matches.
  7. It is better that you wear clothes that match your furniture. That way your kids won’t be able to find you because you would look like a part of the couch.
  8. When your kids insist you on “playing trains” with them, it is always a good idea to pretend to be Henry stuck in the tunnel. That way, you don’t have to move or do anything else. You will be saved.
  9. If your kid is asking you a lot of questions, you can try asking them an open-ended question yourself to find out what they already know.
  10. If you want to keep some food for yourself, tell your kids that it is spicy. There’s a high chance they won’t come near it.
  11. When you are bribing your kid to get them something, be sure to google the price of the bribe before agreeing to buy it for them.
  12. It is always a good idea to take your kids to bed at around 6 p.m. because the time they will actually go to bed will be 8 p.m.
  13. If you are failing to get your kid’s attention, play any funny video on YouTube and your kid will be standing next to you just in a few seconds.
  14. Always teach your kids to spend more time annoying their siblings so they can spend less time annoying you.
  15. Never teach your kids to read because they will instantly know whenever you skip a few pages while reading to them.
  16. It is always a bad thing when your kid comes and asks you for duct tape.
  17. Train your kids to kill spiders or any other less dangerous insects they see so they can be the ones to do it and not you.
  18. Never talk about yourself as a failure of a parent to your kids. Don’t give them any of your weakness to them.
  19. Explain to your kids that stealing is a bad thing. However, if they do want to steal something, make sure it is something that their Daddy can use.
  20. Having two kids is helpful when you go out to pick one from a friend’s house. You can sit inside the car and ask your other kid to go and pick their sibling from inside.
  21. If your kids are hiding something from you, install a monitoring app like Mobistealth on their smartphone and monitor their every activity without them knowing.

We hope these funny parenting tips managed to give you a good laugh. If you ever find parenting boring and difficult, take a look at the lighter side of parenting and take it easy. Happy parenting!

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