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These Odd Parenting Tips Will Surely Blow Your Mind

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When it comes to seeking advice and tips on parenting, we can find lots of information in the form of YouTube tutorials, web articles, books, and blogs. For most parents, parenting is a challenging task. The problem isn’t about knowing what to do. The real problem lies in having the time and patience to do it. What works for one kid may not work with the other. Different parenting techniques are used to raise different types of kids.

Parents only realize what works for their kids once they get into parenthood. Some parents are okay with following a strict approach while raising their kids while others are completely lenient towards them. However, some parents follow the weirdest parenting techniques and still manage to do well.

In this post, we are going to discuss a few odd parenting tips followed by some parents. These weird, odd parenting tips are surely going to blow your mind. Keep in mind that these weird parenting tips may not work for you as each kid is different. But there is no harm in trying these parenting approaches with your kids.

Odd Parenting Tips That Will Make You Go Crazy

Let’s take a look at some of the odd parenting tips that most parents follow while raising their kids. Get ready to blow your mind with these whackiest, weirdest parenting tips.

Compliment Your Kids for Things They Are Not Doing

This odd parenting tip is going to sound weird but it has worked well for many parents. Remember, it may not work for everyone. To find out whether it works, you need to try it out with your kids. However, your kids need to be people pleasers for this tip to work and not all kids have this quality.

If your kids are people-pleasers, then you can definitely try out this odd parenting tip. You need to compliment your kids for things they are not doing only to prompt them to actually do it. Whenever your kids are not listening to you and not doing things that you ask them to (cleaning their room, getting a bath, or going to do the grocery) you can begin by telling them, “Thank you so much for cleaning your room!” or “thank you for getting a bath!”

When you will say this, you will probably receive weird looks from your kids and then shockingly they will do everything that you asked them. This tip may not work always but most of the time it will work. It’s better to give it a try. Make them realize first and then see the magic.

Sing Theme Songs to Get Through the Day

Quite often, we, as parents, play an internal soundtrack in our heads to get things done throughout the day. It was reported by a mother of two kids that she played a soundtrack in her subconscious every day to get things done at home. She made theme songs for all the daily activities for her kids to do. Then, she started singing those songs out loud to her kids.

She had made a song to wake up her kids, a song to make them take a bath, a song when they are heading out, and a song when it is time for bed. These songs helped her kids do all the activities they were supposed to do every day and they served the purpose really well.

By following this weird parenting tip, the mother noticed that she didn’t have to nag her kids as much. As soon as she sang the theme song for them, they started performing those activities all by themselves without having to be reminded of anything.

Don’t Panic When They Don’t Do Anything

It might be difficult to follow this parenting tip because the majority of parents panic when their kids don’t do things the way they are supposed to. Whenever your kids retaliate against you for not doing something that you asked them to, you do not need to panic and scold them. Instead, stay calm and respond them in a nice way.

If your kid says, “I am not going to do the grocery because I am playing a game!”, you should calmly respond by saying, “Okay, then don’t go.” After that, your kid will give you a shocking look, and then you can continue by saying, “I guess we will be missing out on dinner tonight as I don’t have anything to cook.” Once you start walking off, you will notice your kid quickly getting up and asking you to come along with him for the grocery shopping. 

When Kids Talk Disrespectfully, Don’t Rebuke Them; Talk for Them

Here’s another odd parenting tip that parents should follow. Whenever kids talk disrespectfully to you, instead of rebuking them, you need to talk for them. When your kids ask you to get something in a rather disrespectful manner, you don’t need to rebuke them. You need to tell them how to choose the right words while demanding something. You need to teach them how they need to say something.

For example, if your kid says, “I want some milk!” You can teach them to ask for the same thing by using much better and kinder words. You can say “Mom, can I get some milk please?” This is a much better approach while demanding something. When you teach them this tip, they will learn how to ask for things in a decent and respectful manner.

Compliment Kids When They Say Hurtful Things to You

Here’s another crazy parenting tip that will blow your mind. You need to compliment your kids whenever they say hurtful things to you. When your kid says horrible things to you such as “I don’t like you” or “I hate you for doing this”, you need to give them the opposite reaction. There is no point in being angry with them and saying mean things in response.

Instead, you need to take handle things nicely and say, “It’s okay, kid. I still love you.” When you give this reaction, you will find them losing their temper and becoming softer towards you. Treat them kindly even if they are mean to you. You can only kill their anger with your kindness and warm behavior.

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