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Know What a Mother Did When her Son Harassed Chief Medical Officer

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The mother of a 15-year-old boy was devastated when she found out that her son did this:

What did she do? She confiscated his PlayStation.

A big punishment for a teen of this era, right?

This is a 15-year-old boy whose PlayStation was taken by his mother due to his rude behavior with England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty.

Why do you think this happened?

Has COVID taken away the best of us?

What would you do if your kid is found doing this?

As the second wave of COVID touches England, it is becoming the source of stress and frustration for the adults and kids equally. With schools closed, no gathering, and zero social life, teens are becoming the victim of frustration and stress. That is why they are on the brink of losing themselves to anger and anxiety. A similar situation happened in England with the chief medical officer.

In the recent news, it was taken to the notice that a 15-year-old boy shouted at Chris Whitty and called him ‘liar’ repeatedly while making a video. When the kid was asked about it, he said he wanted to draw some attention towards the effect of this pandemic and situation on the teens, and also, he believes that Chris Whitty spreads false news about COVID. He wanted the government to act to help the teenagers who are experiencing bad mental health due to this pandemic. Though he wanted to raise an issue, he chose the wrong way.

Though many people believe that he has said the right thing and this is definitely not harassment, his mother on the other hand doesn’t like it. She was embarrassed and ashamed of how her son dealt with his anger and frustration.

Though she agrees that her son was under a lot of stress and wanted to raise the issue, still it is not the behavior she expects from him. She says that she has not brought him up to see this kind of behavior. So, she decided to give him a punishment.

As a punishment, she took away his PlayStation, the thing he loves the most. She says that there is no need to ground him as he is already in lockdown, but taking away the PlayStation will teach him a lesson or two. She expects him to be a model citizen in the future and she is doing her best to make it possible.

Taking way their PlayStations, would that work?

Well, we got to see that because no matter what, teens love PlayStation and we think his mother took a very smart move. Eventually, the kid will learn his lesson and know that bad behavior has consequences.

What Does This Story Reflect?

It is about the fact that when given too much independence, you can expect the kids to go off the rail. Raising confidence and competent teens is one thing but teaching them to act strategically and properly is another. Giving them proper punishment is also something that every parent should agree on. However, the punishment should be according to the intensity of mistakes they have made.

When raising our kids, we ought to teach them they shouldn’t accept any kind of injustice and raise their voices, but at the same time, they should know what is the right strategy to raise an issue. Here are some of the tips that we can teach our kids:

Don’t Be Aggressive

While teens have a lot of aggression in them, they usually use it to get things done or to convey their strong emotions on any issue. They should stay calm whenever they face an argument or when they disagree on something with someone. Though understandably, the stress this pandemic has brought upon us is very much severe, but maybe this is the time to give them the best practice of how to stay calm in difficult times. Show them how they can think positively and strategically when they are not angry.

Monitoring and Tracking Them

When a kid starts driving, would you leave him alone on the road? No. This is the same when they start using digital gadgets. For parents who don’t realize it yet, the social media and the gadgets they are using can affect their mental health at great intensity. So, don’t leave them alone there, instead, be with them on their journey. If you are wondering how can you accompany them and be there for them on the things they are doing on their smartphone, monitoring apps are the answer. A good monitoring app will let you know when there is trouble and when you need to intervene.

Looking for a good monitoring app? Look no further, Mobistealth is there for you to cater all your monitoring and tracking needs. You can use Mobistealth from the very first day to protect them and show them why do they need you to be by their side. This phone spy app can help you track your kids, know their activities, monitor their chats, and many other things that will help you give them the guidance they need.

With all the dangerous things happening in digital media, parents need to make sure they are protecting their kids along with giving them the confidence to deal with problems. The more you keep an eye on them, the better you can teach them to survive in this world.

Discuss with Elders

You should be the one they come to when they face such issues as stress and depression. When parents have developed a level of trust and confidence with the kids, it becomes easier to handle sensitive issues. Whenever they feel they need to talk to someone or bring awareness to their surroundings about the things they are facing, parents should be the ones sitting with them and planning strategies to do so. It is fun and respectable to sort out issues with the help of adults.

Fixed Screen Time

Though you can talk about this to your kids, it is mostly up to the parents to take care of the use of the latest gadgets, social media, and games. When kids use too much smartphone, play games up to a limit, their mental health is affected and they are likely to behave differently. It is best for the parents to use proper parental controls and make sure that the kids are not being indulged in digital media too much.

Stay Logical

Kids of this age are too much emotional and you can easily see them getting off the track of logic and making everything about their feelings. This shouldn’t be the case when they are talking about something serious. Like the kid in the above story used his frustration and anger rather than talking about the logical issue. He called the medical officer a ‘liar’ without explaining the context or telling what is wrong.


Mutual respect and manner should be taught to the kids before anything else. No matter what wrong has been done to them, or how bad they feel, there should always be a certain level of respect in their behavior and it depicts your parenting. If they don’t practice it, you ought to take serious steps to make sure they have etiquettes to deal with anything bad in their life.

Using these strategies and tips can help you avoid the scenario that happened with the mother of that boy. You can make your children better and encourage them to deal with any issue with better strategies.

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