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Know All About Workplace Privacy and Employee Monitoring

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There are laws for workplace privacy and employee monitoring in every country. Each country follows its own laws and regulations regarding workplace privacy and employee monitoring. It is up to the organizations how they follow those laws and regulations.

In this post, we will shed some light on employee monitoring service, different employee monitoring systems, employee monitoring, and privacy and also give you employee monitoring software review of Mobistealth.

What is Employee Monitoring Service?

Let us give you the definition of employee monitoring service. Employee monitoring is a process in which employers of an organization use certain methods or ways to monitor their employees’ work activities at the workplace. Employee monitoring takes place with the help of different types of employee monitoring tools.

For instance, it is up to the company what type of employee monitoring tool they want to use to keep track of their employee’s activity. They can use keycards to log the entry and exit of employees in the building. They can also use CCTV cameras, network monitoring, web monitoring, email monitoring, and social media monitoring to keep a check on their employees.

In most cases, employers use employee monitoring software such as Mobistealth to keep a close eye on their employees during office hours.

Why Companies Should Use Employee Monitoring System?

Companies should use an employee monitoring system to monitor their employee’s activity at the workplace. By using an employee monitoring system, employers can enhance employee productivity. They can find out which employers are working hard and focusing on the job and which are wasting time.

An employee monitoring system can also help companies to increase employee engagement. By using employee monitoring tools, employers can find out whether or not their employees are engaged in their work during office hours.

Employers can see the real-time reports of their employees and can examine their work and performance and then see what needs to be improved the most. This will lead to an increase in employee engagement.

Another benefit of using employee monitoring system is that it helps in reducing the administrative work. Employers, especially those who handle the administrative work, spend long hours completing the admin related tasks. By using monitoring tools, they can save their time and spend that time on other important tasks.

Employee Monitoring Software Review

We are fortunate to be a part of advanced technology because we can now use several employee monitoring tools to keep a check on our employees during working hours. Several types of employee monitoring tools are available out there.

However, we are going to discuss the employee monitoring software review of Mobistealth. This employee monitoring tool is essentially a monitoring tool that helps you keep track of someone’s computer/cell phone activity.

With Mobistealth, you can monitor your employee’s incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, emails, web browsing history, social media activity, as well as location. Once you install the Mobistealth app on your employee’s mobile device, you can track their location as well.

This monitoring tool uses the GPS technology installed on the mobile phone to track its movements. So, if your employee goes on a business trip, you can track all their whereabouts and find out if they are at the same place where they were supposed to be.

Employee Monitoring and Privacy

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, different laws and regulations on employee monitoring and privacy are applicable to different countries. However, there is one law that applies to all of them and that is all employers should inform their employees before they begin monitoring their work.

Usually, when an employee is hired by a company, they are informed that all their work activity will be monitored by the management. Even if they are informed at the time of hiring, companies can inform them before monitoring their work.

If an employer decides to keep the employee in the dark, their employee can lose trust in them and may not want to work with them in the future. The employer cannot monitor their employee’s work during off-hours because then they would be invading their privacy.

No employer has the right to invade their employee’s privacy and keep track of their private and personal space. Therefore, all these things about employee monitoring and privacy should be kept in mind before installing the monitoring tools in the workplace.

Employers need to be transparent about employee monitoring to their employees. They should design clear and defined employee monitoring policies so employees do not remain in the dark. They need to tell their employees in what ways they will be monitoring their activities in the workplace. In case an employee feels uncomfortable with employee monitoring, they need to inform the employer straight away. It will help the employer to change the employee monitoring policy accordingly.

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