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Why Companies Should Consider Employee Monitoring System?

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An employee monitoring system is found in every workplace now. Whether it’s a small-scale or largescale organization, each of them is considering deploying the employee monitoring system in the workplace. Before we can discuss employee monitoring systems in detail, let us understand their purpose.

Employee Monitoring Software

Let us start by taking a look at the definition of employee monitoring software.

The employee monitoring system includes all the tools and technologies that help employers keep a check on their employees’ work activities in the workplace. With employee monitoring software, employers can gain valuable insight into employees’ computers as well as cell phone activities in the workplace.

Employee monitoring software helps employers collect information about their employee’s computer activity, internet and social media use, computer idle and active time, attendance, application/software usage, login/logout, and more.

By using employee monitoring software, employers can measure employee productivity, ensure business security, and improve employee efficiency. Employers can collect accurate reports about employee activities and involvement in the workplace by using this technology. They can also use this information to assess how employees are working in the company.

When companies use employee monitoring software, they can get answers to questions such as are employees working or spending time doing leisure activities during office hours? How much time are they spending on the internet? Are they watching videos on YouTube or chatting with their friends on Facebook during paid hours? Which websites or apps are they using and how much time are they spending on them? Are employees using company-owned devices for the right purposes?

All the work activities are recorded and logged on the employee monitoring software. The employers can see the logged activities on their online dashboard and monitor what their employees are doing during office hours.

Companies Should Consider Employee Monitoring System

There are several reasons why companies should consider an employee monitoring system for their employees. Let us take a look at them.

Improve Employee Productivity

With the help of employee monitoring software, employers can know which employees are active and productive and which are not. They can find out which apps and websites their employees are using for work-related and non-work-related purposes, how much time they are spending on the office tasks, how much time they are spending on social media sites, etc.

By gathering this data, employers can see which employees are working hard, which ones are wasting time, and then they can decide to take necessary measures. This is what eventually leads to an increase in employee productivity.

Increase Employee Engagement

It has been proved in several studies that employee engagement is one of the most powerful tools for creating and maintaining a successful business. Normally, employees do not pay attention to the amount of time they waste at work. They can be easily distracted during work.

With employee monitoring software, companies can address this issue by collecting reports on employees’ computer activities during working hours. This way, both employers and employees can find out how engaged they are during working hours. This can lead to a higher level of accountability.

Everyone at work would be able to see the real-time reports and assess how they work and then work on what needs to be improved the most. As a result, there will be an increase in employee engagement.

Reduce Administrative Work

It has been observed that administrative work is what affects the time and productivity of the management of the company. According to a study, 55% of managers have admitted that they spend more than three hours per day on administrative related tasks such as filling out manual timesheets as well as activity logs.

All this time spent on administrative work could be used somewhere else for something productive. When managers use employee monitoring software, they can replace the administrative work with automated processes such as automated clock-ins/clock-outs and real-time work activity reports without the involvement of any manual effort.

Best Employee Monitoring Software

Mobistealth is the best employee monitoring service. Companies can use this monitoring software to keep track of their employees’ activities during office hours. Employers can monitor their text messages, work emails, phone calls, location, web browsing activity as well as social media activity.

Employers can install Mobistealth monitoring software on their employees’ devices and then remotely monitor their work activities during office hours. Even if an employee goes out on a business trip, the employer can remotely monitor all their whereabouts with the help of this monitoring software. The monitoring software uses the GPS technology installed on the employees’ mobile devices to monitor their whereabouts.

If an employee tries to sneak out of the meeting place and goes somewhere else to pass their time, the employer can instantly find out and reach out to them and take necessary action. It is a good idea to inform employees about employee monitoring beforehand so they don’t feel that their privacy is being invaded.

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