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Mobistealth Offers the Best Employee Monitoring Service

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Imagine all your company’s important and confidential data getting hacked. What would you do then? Without any monitoring tools set in place, surely you can’t find out who has performed the data breach in your company.

There’s a strong possibility that the data theft has been performed by someone insider. It would be quite difficult for an outsider to hack your company’s sensitive data. Usually, insiders or the employees of the company are the ones who can access the company’s important data.

Therefore, they are most likely to perform a data breach in your company. The only way to prevent a data breach in your company is to keep track of your employees. For that, you need to use a reliable and professional employee monitoring service such as Mobistealth.

What is Employee Monitoring?

Prior to explaining all about how Mobistealth offers the best employee monitoring service, we need to understand what is employee monitoring.

Employee monitoring includes all the processes and methods that an employer or company uses to keep track of their employees’ activities. Employee monitoring is usually done with the help of several types of employee monitoring tools.

Many companies use video surveillance, keycards, network monitoring, email monitoring, web browsing, and social media monitoring, and computer and cell phone monitoring to monitor their employees during office hours. Some of the employers also use employee monitoring software to keep an eye on their employees.

How Does Employee Monitoring Take Place?

Employee monitoring becomes easier with employee monitoring software. If you’re using employee monitoring software, then you need to pick the right software first and then install it on your employee’s device such as a computer or cell phone.

Once the employee monitoring is successfully installed on your employee’s computer/cell phone, you can log in to your online dashboard and monitor all the events and activities taking place on their device. For instance, you can access their work emails, text messages, phone calls, web browsing, and social media activity as well as location.

However, the employer is not allowed to track employees’ personal emails. They can only track work emails. Also, employers cannot monitor their employees’ work activities without getting their consent.

Before monitoring an employee’s activity, you need to inform them about the monitoring process and also get their consent. When an employee is aware of monitoring solutions, they will be more focused on their job and pay attention to their work. They will abstain from indulging in any leisure activity during office hours.

In case you catch your employee wasting time during office hours, chatting with a friend on social media, or watching a movie, you can call them in and issue them a warning. That way employees would not waste time during office hours and only pay attention to their work.

Mobistealth is the Best Employee Monitoring Tool

Mobistealth, which is essentially cell phone/computer monitoring software, can also be used as an employee monitoring tool. This tool has the ability to track your employee’s work emails, web browsing activity, social media activity, text messages, and phone calls.

With the help of this monitoring tool, you can also locate your employee’s whereabouts when they are gone on a business trip. The GPS on your employee’s cell phone will help the monitoring tool in tracking their location. That way you can track your employee and see where they have been going on their business trip.

When an employee is aware that their cell phone activity and their location is being monitored by the employer all the time, they will not tend to go somewhere else during their business trip and only be at the place where they were supposed to be.

Mobistealth offers an online dashboard to the employer from where they can remotely monitor all the activities of their employees. The employer can be anywhere and still can keep track of their employees.

Many employers and employees around the world argue about employee monitoring. Some think employee monitoring is beneficial to the business and enhances employee productivity whereas some believe employee monitoring results in employee turnover and causes privacy invasion.

However, if we closely assess both the advantages and disadvantages of employee monitoring, we come to see that the pros outweigh the cons of employee monitoring. Therefore, every organization must consider monitoring their employees if they want to see an increase in employee productivity.

Employee monitoring reduces the chances of data theft and data breach in a company. It gives employers a chance to effectively evaluate an employee’s performance. With the employee monitoring tool, employers can find out how much time an employee has spent on a certain task and how many projects they have been a part of.

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