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Learn How to Monitor Someones iPhone from Your Phone

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A long time back, it was considered impossible to monitor into someone’s iPhone. Monitoring an iPhone was labeled as an arduous task due to the strict privacy and security protocols enabled by Apple in iOS. Unlike Android devices, it required a ton of professional experience and several tricks to monitor someone’s iPhone.

Hacking an iPhone is only possible when the device is in a vulnerable state i.e. there are some security loopholes and flaws in the iOS that make it easier for the hacker to penetrate into the device. And in some cases, it is also possible to monitor someone’s iPhone given you have access to their iCloud account.

In this post, we are going to teach you how to monitor someones iPhone from your phone by using the Mobistealth monitoring app. To use the monitoring app effectively, it is important to know the credentials of the iCloud account belonging to the target device.

The monitoring app can also help you monitor someone’s iPhone if you obtain physical access to it. For your better understanding, we are going to suggest you both methods. However, it is essential to use Mobistealth iPhone monitoring app to monitor someone’s iPhone.

Beware of Fake iPhone Monitoring Apps

In the times of technological advancements and the development of new monitoring apps every other day, it is important to beware of which one is authentic and which one is not. You must learn to differentiate between the reliable and fake monitoring app.

Unfortunately, the internet is loaded with several iPhone monitoring apps, all running for the same race and fighting to attract more users every single day. As a user, you must be vigilant about the monitoring app you are about to select to monitor someone’s iPhone.

Most iPhone monitoring apps fail to perform the task whereas some of them lack important monitoring features. While we were testing a few iPhone monitoring apps, we came to realize that some of them asked us to download a third-party app before delivering the actual result. After thoroughly checking and reviewing the third-party app, we concluded that it was a malicious app that could have infected our mobile device.

Then there were some iPhone monitoring apps that asked us to provide them our personal information before they could deliver us the result. We realized they only wanted to grasp our information so they could spam our inbox with unsolicited emails.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to stay away from fake and bogus iPhone monitoring apps. iPhone monitoring is tricky; therefore, it needs to be dealt with carefully by using a reliable and professional iPhone monitoring app such as Mobistealth.

Best iPhone Monitoring Software for Parents/Best iPhone Monitoring App for Parents

Believe it or not but we have tried several iPhone monitoring apps for the umpteenth time but couldn’t find a better one than Mobistealth. Trust us, it is the best iPhone monitoring software for parents as well as employers.

Parents can make use of this app to monitor their kids’ iPhone devices and see what they have been doing lately on the internet. Monitoring kids’ online activities have become mandatory in today’s digital age because it is one of the best ways to protect them from harmful online dangers.

With several dangerous online threats lurking on the internet, especially on social media platforms, it is safe to say that the Mobistealth monitoring app helps protect kids from potential online dangers. You just need to install the app on their iPhone and let it do the monitoring for you.

You might as well try the other monitoring apps in the market but we are certain you are not going to find one as good as Mobistealth. The app lets you monitor your kid’s entire iPhone activity such as phone calls, iMessages, web browsing history, and location, etc. No surprises here that Mobistealth is known as the best iPhone monitoring app for parents.  

It’s not only popular in the parent’s community. It also works wonders for employers across the globe. Even companies can benefit from the Mobistealth monitoring app by deploying it on their employees’ devices and track their activity during working hours. monitoring apps have proved to be beneficial in terms of boosting employee productivity and overall company’s performance.

Mobistealth Does iPhone Monitoring Without Jailbreaking

Another reason to use Mobistealth as your iPhone monitoring app is that it does not require you to jailbreak the target iPhone device. It can help you carry out iPhone monitoring without jailbreaking the device.

You do not need to free the iPhone device from the restrictions imposed by Apple by jailbreaking it. With Mobistealth, you can monitor iPhone without having to jailbreak it. Since Apple strictly warns its users against jailbreaking, you should never try to enter that domain.

Therefore, it is better to monitor someone’s iPhone without having to jailbreak it and you’re fortunate that Mobistealth provides you with this option.

How to monitor Someones iPhone From Your Phone

Now that you have learned that Mobistealth is the best iPhone monitoring app, let us understand how to monitor someones iPhone from your phone.

Like we mentioned earlier in the post that Mobistealth helps you monitor someone’s iPhone, let us discuss it in more detail.

You can use iBackup method to monitor someone’s iPhone, the iBackup method helps you monitor your target’s

  • Call history
  • iMessages
  • Safari
  • WeChat
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Line Chat
  • Viber Chat
  • To use this method, you need:-

  • physical access to the target iPhone
  • a USB cable
  • your own Mac/Windows PC/Laptop to complete the setup process.

  • Once the setup is finished successfully, which is only going to take a few minutes, the backup from the target iPhone will automatically start whenever it is connected to the same WIFI connection as yours or connected through the USB cable.

    iPhone monitoring may seem complex but if done the right way using the right monitoring app, you can carry out successfully and hack into someone’s iPhone whenever you want (for the right reasons, of course!) 

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