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Why Parents Should Start Using iPhone Monitoring Apps

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We are living in the digital era where our lives are consumed by digital devices and the incessant use of the internet. Adults are already using electronic devices to carry out different aspects of their lives. But what surprises us the most is that kids and teens are using digital devices more than most adults.

This is why it has become critical for parents to keep a keen on their kid’s online activity as well as monitor their iPhone usage. While kids must utilize the internet facility and learn about new technological trends by using their devices, it is also important to make sure they do not deviate on the path to learning and come across potential online risks and threats in return.

The internet can be a dark place for the kids, plunging them into the deep throes of danger. The best way to ensure your kid’s online safety is to monitor their online activity with the help of monitoring apps. Depending on the type of device your kid is using, you can either opt for Android or iPhone monitoring apps.

With the number of cyber-attacks rising each day, it is high time for parents to take their kids’ online activity into notice and start noticing their online behavior. This is only possible with the use of monitoring apps. Let us understand why parents need to start considering iPhone monitoring apps for their kids.

The Need for iPhone Monitoring Apps for Kids

No parent would want their kid to be exposed to internet dangers. For them, the internet should be a place for seeking educational information and entertainment. They use social media platforms to interact with their friends and play online games with them.

Imagine what would happen if they happen to start talking with a stranger who turned out to be a sexual predator. Also, what if someone tries to bully them on a social media platform and shatter their self-respect within no time?

To protect your kid from these unknown internet dangers, you, as a parent, need to start considering monitoring apps. Below, we have highlighted some reasons why parents should start monitoring their kids’ online activity via monitoring apps.

Protection from Pedophiles

Pedophilia is one of the most common internet dangers for kids these days. Stranger danger is a real threat and no kid and parent should take it lightly. Most kids have no idea who they add to their accounts and who to allow access to their personal photos and videos. It’s common for kids to start talking to strangers and becoming friends with them.

Those strangers who might be pedophiles or sexual predators can pose a serious threat to your kid by asking them to send inappropriate content in the form of pictures, videos, and even text messages. Later, they can misuse the same content and blackmail innocent kids and their families for money.

The best way to protect your kids from sexual predators is to monitor their online activity using monitoring apps, especially their instant and text messages as well as their friends/followers list. Teach your kids to never interact with someone who they do not know or haven’t met in person.

Preventing Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a growing internet threat for many. It not only affects teens but kids as well. Back in the day, bullying usually occurred in the classrooms, backyards, or isolated places where the bully could easily target and attack the victim.

With the invention of technology, especially social media platforms, bullying has penetrated far deeper in our lives, affecting our mental and physiological health. Kids tend to suffer more at the hands of cyberbullying as most of them are vulnerable and cannot defend themselves. Bullies target innocent kids on online platforms and send them humiliating messages or post embarrassing photos or videos of them on various social media sites.

To prevent cyberbullying, parents and school authorities must take strong measures. Parents can stop cyberbullying by carefully monitoring their kids’ online activity with the help of monitoring apps. Understand what cyberbullying is and in what ways it can affect people. Also, kids must be encouraged to reach out to their parents or teachers if or when someone tries to bully them online.

Preventing Sexting

Along with several online threats, sexting is another prominent online danger for kids. While kids do not seem to take sexting as a potential threat, but the truth is, it is very much a threat. Sexting involves kids exchanging inappropriate messages in the form of text messages, photos, and videos through the use of electronic devices.

Kids exchange inappropriate material with one another, not realizing its harmful consequences. Sexting can be harmful to kid’s mental and physiological health because they may learn about porn or other bad stuff even before they reach the right age.

Parents can stop their kids from developing sexting addiction by regularly monitoring their incoming and outgoing messages on their phones. If they find their kid sexting with others, they can intervene all at once and stop their kid from doing that.

Keep Pornography at Bay

It is quite common for kids and teens to stumble upon sexually explicit material while browsing on the internet. Whilst playing an online game, they may accidentally click on a popup ad flashing on their screen and been taken to a porn site.

Some kids come across porn sites accidentally while some look for them on their own to kill their curiosity. In either case, kids being exposed to porn at a tender age is alarming and should be stopped. Most parents will feel helpless in this regard as they think they can’t do much to prevent their kids from watching porn.

However, with the right kind of monitoring tools and safety measures, they can stop their kids from being exposed to the world of pornography. Several monitoring apps help you block porn sites and apps and also filter out inappropriate and harmful content on the kids’ devices, keeping them safe online.

Besides installing monitoring apps on kids’ devices, parents can also consider enabling inbuilt safety features on their devices as well as the web browsers they are using.

The good thing is that there is a wide range of monitoring apps available for parents to choose from. But in our opinion, Mobistealth is the best iPhone monitoring app for parents as it helps them monitor their kid’s internet and phone activity from scratch.

No matter where you are, you can remotely monitor your kid’s iPhone activity and make sure they stay away from all the potential online dangers. Providing your kid with complete internet freedom is not a bad idea as long as you are using the right monitoring tools to keep them safe.  

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