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Identifying the Best iPhone Monitoring App for Parents

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Have you given in to your kid’s persistent request for an iPhone? Chances are, you have! If you have bought your kid a new iPhone or given them a hand-me-down iPhone, it’s time for you to look for the best possible iPhone monitoring apps out there.

Before you can look for questions on Google such as “how should I get a monitoring app for my kid” or “what is the best iPhone monitoring app for my kids”, it’s important that you understand the purpose behind using these apps.

Monitoring apps are the ultimate parenting apps that help you protect your kid from everything unwanted and inappropriate lurking on their iPhone screen. The best iPhone monitoring app for parents needs to be chosen in order to monitor your kid’s entire iPhone activity, both online and offline.

Identifying an iPhone monitoring for your kids can be a tad tricky since there is a plethora of such apps available out there. So, how would you make sure to pick the right monitoring app and not regret your choice later? Don’t worry. We have got you covered!

In this post, we will briefly explain how to choose the best iPhone monitoring app for parents so they can monitor their kid’s iPhone activity seamlessly.

Why Do Parents Think Monitoring Apps Are Trouble?

Many parents that we have interviewed in the past happen to think that monitoring apps bring nothing to the table except for trouble. They perceive monitoring apps as trouble because, apparently, they have tried a lot of monitoring apps and parental controls in the past that couldn’t come to fruition.

They did start using parental monitoring apps for their kids but they stopped using them after some point. But what could be the reason to stop using them altogether? Some parents felt that the monitoring apps they picked were either too intrusive or depicted an extremely negative image of the way their kids use their iPhones.

Others found it hard to trust the information provided by the monitoring apps. They thought that the apps couldn’t offer them enough useful or valuable information about their kids’ online activity and only seldom shared the updates of their whereabouts which actually failed to help them locate their kids on time.

Consequently, parents stopped using monitoring apps and returned to just worrying about what their kids might be doing on their iPhone devices. But, worrying isn’t enough, isn’t it? You need to get back to monitoring their iPhone usage to protect them from harmful dangers they can be exposed to on the internet.

Choosing the Best iPhone Monitoring App for Parents

So how to ensure you have picked the right monitoring app to keep tabs on their phone? We have offered some tips for you to understand how to choose the right monitoring app for your kids.

Features and Capabilities

The best iPhone monitoring software for parents will provide an extensive list of monitoring and surveillance features. For instance, the monitoring app should be capable enough to help parents track their kid’s online activity. From web browsing history to text messages to phone calls to location history, the app should be able to provide complete information on all the activities taking place on the kid’s iPhone.

Most of the monitoring apps have given a low-down of all the features that they offer on their website. So it’s important that you go through the entire website, read the features that it offers and also go through its terms and conditions. 

Beware of Fraudulent Apps

The internet is laden with all types of monitoring apps, both genuine and fake. You need to stay away from fraudulent apps and never allow yourself to be fooled by them. The fake monitoring apps can be identified in different ways.

First of all, if an app ever asks you to fill out an online survey before allowing you to install the app, you need to realize that there’s something fishy about it. The developers behind such apps are trying to obtain your personal information so they can send you spam emails in your inbox.

Secondly, you should never trust monitoring apps that ask you to download a third-party app before installing the actual one because the former might contain a malicious virus that could infect your mobile device/computer. Be sure to avoid installing bogus monitoring apps by following these tips.

Read the Customers’ Reviews

The second thing you need to do before picking a monitoring app is to read the reviews it has received from the customers so far. We recommend reading customers’ reviews before opting for a monitoring app because customers never lie.

They always share their firsthand experience with monitoring apps. However, you need to make sure those are not paid reviews. Look for the organic reviews. You can either look for those in the Apple Store or find them under the review tab of their Facebook page.

Support for All Platforms

A good monitoring app offers support for all the platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Also, the app needs to be compatible with all the platforms it is working on and should address multiple devices at one time.

Easy Setup and Simplicity

One of the reasons parents do not opt for monitoring apps is that they do not understand how to use them. They either find the installation process too difficult or too long. The best iPhone monitoring app for parents to keep their kids safe on the internet does not engage parents in long hours of setting up and installing and does not require them to read long manuals for instructions.

The interface of the monitoring app should be simple and easy to understand. Only user-friendly apps work with most parents as they do not let them go through much hassle while setting them up and finally using them to monitor their kids’ iPhone activity.

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