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How Big of Nuisance WhatsApp Has Become for Children

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When WhatsApp first came to light, it was just an amazing tool for communication. However, as time passed, more and more features got added, and they were introduced to make the platform a one stop for everything.

The app succeeded in doing so, but in the process, it also became a nuisance especially in the hands of children. The use of Whatsapp monitoring tool and Facebook spy tool has become crucial for parents these days.

It is now being used for all the wrong reasons and some of the biggest ways it is harming kids have been outlined below.

Abusive Chats

A group chat seems like an incredible feature, which it actually is. However, in kids’ hands, it’s nothing but a nuisance. They add their friends, and at first, they just chat formally. However, soon after, someone says something dirty and everyone starts to join in.

As soon as this happens, all of their conversations turn into an abusive fest. This kind of language stays restricted to messages for a small period of time, and then it becomes a part of their regular speech.

They start to use it on their parents, teachers, and everyone around them. This kind of language hurts the children big time as they are unable to have a normal conversation with anyone. It hurts their school life, college life, and the life after. Communication is what makes people successful, and if they can’t do that right, then they are pretty much ruined for life.

Online Predators

Even if kids manage to stay away from the abusive chats, they are still not out of danger. Online predators lurk on WhatsApp due to its excessive usage and try their best to find gullible kids. Most of the children are able to fend them off, but some of them just can’t.

Predators have a history of targeting complacent kids and when they find one, they know exactly what they need to say and do. Children fall for them rather easily and end up becoming their target.


Cyberbullying is another huge issue that has received a new life in the form of WhatsApp. People are continuously stalking, insulting, or making fun of each other through this app.

Previously, when children got home, they were safe from all the bullying, but now it follows them around all the time. There is just no way to escape it now. They can try to block the bullies, but then they have to encounter them at school and that is not going to end well for them.


All of the aforementioned problems are huge and are plaguing the world we live in now. However, there is a solution for it called parental control software. Once installed, these monitoring apps allow parents to see what’s happening on their kid’s smartphone.

They are able to read the entire conversations taking place on WhatsApp, and in case they find anything wrong with them, they will be able to immediately take some action before something serious happens.

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