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Prevent Teen Suicide with WhatsApp Monitoring Tool - Mobistealth

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Teens are at the most vulnerable and emotional state of their life. They don’t know how to make certain decisions and how to keep up with the changing environment that they are facing. Where they are experiencing disturbing things, they want their parents to understand them. Unfortunately, due to the prevalence of technology and the use frequent use of social media, there has been a gap created between parents and kids.


Kids want their parents to understand things that their parents are unable to comprehend on their own. Either they should also use social media and learn what is there for the kids, or they should listen calmly to their kids when they come to them with any trouble.


The worst scenario these days is that parents think that their kids are being entertained when they use social media or chat with their friends. The use of smartphones is considered to be for the home works and entertainment only, but there is a lot more that parents need to know. They should know that this media is something that is ruining the life of kids and making them choose terrible paths.


Even suicides are being considered by the kids due to what they face over social media. This is the time when parents should learn about how to spy on WhatsApp messages Android for free. When technology is the issue, the solution lies there as well.


There have been a lot of cases of teen suicide recently and almost every case has led to a scenario involving social media. Though parents are doing everything in their power to keep an eye on their kids even those parents who check on their kids from time to time are facing such issues in kids.


Suicide is the biggest step that a kid can take and it haunts the parents for the rest of their life. Parents then realize that they don’t even know their kids anymore. At one moment, kids are laughing with you, playing games, acting normal, and at the other moment, they commit suicide. What could be done wrong? Where did you lose sight of what is going on with them?


Why Do Teens Commit Suicide?


This question haunts the parents for the rest of their life after their kid has done something terrible. It is better to know the answer to this question before anything happens. Every teen parent must know what can lead their kids to do this. No matter how much your kids are intelligent, smart, or mature.


It is all about knowing what they are going through. If you keep them in space, they might not even come to you when there is trouble. So, parents should learn a thing or two about the technology, like the use of WhatsApp hack app and social media monitoring to protect their kids. Let’s get to the possible reasons for the teens doing something terrible like a suicide attempt.




You are happy that your kids are enjoying their time at home and are not asking you to let them go outside with their friends. But, have you seen them happy? Do they go anywhere else? If you observe closely, you will find them either stuck to their phones all the time or tucked into the bed to sleep.


They won’t go to any social gatherings with you or attend family unions. This is the indication that they are moving towards being isolated and they will not get out of it easily. When isolated, people might enjoy a bit at the start but as time goes by, it haunts them, making them choose wrong paths like drug addiction or suicide.




If you think your kid can handle bullying, you are wrong. You need to take a good look at what is happening over social media. Kids tell each other secrets, and when something goes off the road, one of them spills out another’s secret on social media making them feel humiliated and insulted.


This might not be a big deal for an adult, but for kids, it is something they cannot just get passed from. Kids have even attempted suicide because of their secrets shown on social media. They feel humiliated and sometimes, they can’t handle it. So, see what your kids have been doing these days on social media. They might be the bullies or the victims, either way, is very dangerous.


Online Relationships


For kids, relationships have a different value than adults. For us, relationships happen with real people in real life, we get to know the other person, and sure it hurts when it ends, but you know it was something real. But, for the kids, relationships are all about liking each other posts, sharing memes, chatting all day, and of course, there comes the sexting.


Though it might not feel like a big deal it is. They get hurt when the other person doesn’t respond appropriately, or when the relationship ends. Sometimes, the sensitive kids might choose the wrong path to deal with this pain.


Monitoring Kids to Avoid Suicide


The parents who have not been in the favor of monitoring their kids, have to rethink it. They must reconsider the option of keeping an eye on their kids with the help of a good monitoring tool, Mobistealth.


Not only it will help them keep their kids on track, but it is also a great way of knowing what the kids feel and how are they dealing with the difficulties in their life. You must do something to know about them and to stop them from taking such steps.


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