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Let Us Understand Why Social Media Monitoring is Important

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It is impossible for children to imagine a life without social media these days. Ever since Facebook was launched, children have become addicted to the platform. Following the super success of Facebook, other social media platforms were launched.

Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. are some of the most popular social media platforms children are obsessed about these days. You can hardly find a teenager who does not own at least a single social media profile these days. Most of the children have multiple social media accounts on different platforms.

However, social media platforms have both pros and cons. You may not think of forbidding your children to use social media networks altogether but you can at least monitor their social media activity regularly. In this post, we will talk about why social media monitoring is important for kids in this digital age.

Why Social Media Monitoring is Important

Parents need to monitor their children’s social media activity because just like the other online space, social media accounts are also laden with online dangers. It may not be a good option to stop your child from using social media networks altogether as it may lead to negative consequences for them.

Your children may feel left out while all of their friends are on social media except them. It is totally up to parents for allowing their kids to be on social media networks but before you decide to keep them off social media, you may want to think about a social media monitoring solution.

Surely, you can trust your kids but you also need to remember that kids can be extremely naïve and reckless at a young age and they may not always make the right decisions. They can end up doing something bad on social media. So, to make sure your kids stay safe on social media platforms, you need to monitor their social media activity.

Why Monitor Your Kid’s Social Media Activity?

Social media platforms are tools that could be used for good and bad. It is a parent’s responsibility to help their children understand how to use these platforms carefully and how to be vigilant about misuse.

The online world can be extremely sensitive for kids as it gives them plenty of options to screw up everything. It is your job as a parent to prevent your kids from making silly mistakes on the internet and to help them not engage in inappropriate activities.

Parents can help their children stay safe on social media with the help of social media monitoring tools. These tools come handy and you can make use of them to keep your children away from online threats. Snapchat hacking, Facebook hacking, and even WhatsApp hacking can be done using these monitoring tools.

We have listed down a few important reasons as to why social media monitoring is important for your children in this digital age.


Social media monitoring can be very important for parents in case their kids are being bullied online or are bullying someone else. Gone are the days when bullying was only confined to schools. With the invention of technology and the internet, it is now possible to bully a person online.

 Parents can notice whether or not their children are feeling bullied, threatened or harassed on the internet. They can witness the problem at an early stage and stop it from escalating. Sometimes, children are being bullied online but they don’t understand how to report against it.

It is important that parents use monitoring tools to check on their child’s online activity and see whether or not their child is receiving or sending any threatening messages on the internet. In case they have been bullying someone or are being bullied, you can intervene and stop it from happening.


It may be hard to believe for parents that their child can be involved in something inappropriate like sexting. The statistics have proved that 39% of teens have been seen sending explicit messages to others online. This is a serious issue and is not something that can be ignored.

Children engage in sexting and send and receive inappropriate messages from others. Sexting can lead to negative consequences, making children develop a bad habit. Even young children send and receive sexts from others and share inappropriate content over their social media networks.

To stop your children from sexting, you need to monitor their social media accounts so you can get notified if inappropriate content is exchanged online. Once you are notified at the right time, you can do something about it. 

Sexual Predators

Parents need to use social media monitoring tools to avert sexual predators. Online predators are always lurking on the internet. They are on the lookout for young and innocent children to make them targets. These predators can be as dangerous as those found in real life because their ultimate agenda is to meet kids.

They send friend requests to your children on social media, become friends with them and then ask them to either send them inappropriate pictures and videos or to meet them somewhere outside. Innocent children are usually tricked into meeting someone who they don’t know and then end up in a major problem.

If parents use social media monitoring software, they can always know if their children have been talking to strangers online or if someone suspicious is trying to get in touch with them.

By using social media monitoring programs, you can find out if your child is having trouble on the internet. Sometimes, children may be facing a serious problem and are afraid of sharing it with you then you can find out everything by monitoring their social media accounts.

Social media monitoring tools like Mobistealth will instantly notify you about all the activities your child has been doing on the internet and give you plenty of time to take some action. If you allow your children to be on social media and have different accounts then you should also inform them that you will be monitoring their accounts regularly for their benefit.

Parents should never take social media networks easily and should remember that online problems can be as damaging and dangerous as offline ones. While monitoring children's social media activity is important, parents should also develop a healthy relationship with their children. An article published on Time.com suggests that no amount of monitoring and surveillance can take the place of having a strong and working relationship with your children.

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