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SMS Tracker Free: Protect Kids from Potential Online Dangers

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If you have handed your kid a smartphone or any other electronic device by giving in to their persistent request, be prepared to face all sorts of consequences. The internet can certainly be a helpful medium for kids as they can seek help for their homework from various online sources and also seek entertainment and watch their favourite TV shows and movies.

However, there is a bad side to the internet as well that every parent must be aware of. Several online dangers lurk on the internet, especially on social media and gaming platforms, that can pose some serious threat to the wellbeing of kids.

Digital parenting often leaves parents in a predicament because they cannot hover around their kids all the time and see what they are doing online. It’s practically impossible for them to sit next to their kids and keep an eye on their online interactions physically. At such trying times, an SMS tracker free comes to the rescue.

Before we explain what an SMS tracker is and how it can help parents remotely monitor their kids’ online interactions and text messages, we need to talk about potential online dangers your kids could run into while using the internet.

Potential Online Dangers for Kids

As we mentioned earlier, there is a downside to the internet. Parents who think their kids are completely safe on the internet should bear this in mind that they are not. They can succumb to several online threats while browsing the internet or using social media and gaming platforms.

Let us discuss the potential online dangers for kids.

Sexual Predators

Sexual predators are everywhere on the internet. They tend to visit places where they can easily find their victims. They target young and innocent kids on social media and gaming platforms, earn their trust and become friends with them only to manipulate them later on.

Some predators are disguised as kids of the same age to show how authentic and real they are. When they become friends with the kids, they demand inappropriate messaging and exchanging of sexually explicit content in the form of pictures and videos.

In a worse-case scenario, the predator may ask the kid to come and meet them somewhere outside. Parents can never find out whether or not their kids are interacting with a sexual predator online unless they monitor their messages. Therefore, they need to install an SMS tracker app on their kid’s device to track their digital interactions and protect them from evil-minded people.


Sexting is another online threat that parents need to protect their kids from. Kids and teens who start dating and enter into romantic relationships much ahead of their ages tend to cross the limits and do what they shouldn’t be doing.

They exchange sexually explicit text messages, photos, and videos to please each other. Somehow, they believe that such intimate conversation will bring them closer to their partner and strengthen their bond. However, that’s completely untrue. Sexting is deemed unhealthy for young kids and tweens and they should never indulge in such activity.

To know if your teens are into sexting and to prevent them from doing this, you need to track down their text messages. It is also wise to monitor their instant messages, especially on Snapchat because most kids turn to this secretive social media app to exchange sexts with one another.


Cyberbullying has become prevalent with the excessive use of electronic devices and the internet. Bullying was first restricted to schools but now it can be done through the use of technology. Kids no longer can feel safe even in their homes because a bully can always come for him through online platforms.

Most kids do not report about cyberbullying because either they are shy or too scared to talk about it. They try to handle the bullying on their own, thus leading themselves to loneliness and depression. Cyberbullying can take a toll on the kid’s mental health; therefore, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

If you feel your kid is hiding something from you and showing erratic behaviour or throwing unusual tantrums, it’s time for you to monitor their text messages. Most kids behave differently when they are being bullied by someone. So, it is your duty to notice any physical or emotional changes in them and take immediate action.

Use SMS Tracker Free to Monitor Messages

An SMS tracker app can help you track down your kid’s text messages, both online and offline. You can monitor all the incoming and outgoing messages on your kid’s phone and also track their interactions on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc.

Mobistealth provides the best SMS tracking feature as it lets you track the messages discreetly. All you need to do is install the monitoring app on your kid’s phone, hide the app’s icon on their phone, and start monitoring. All the sent and received text messages are logged and then sent to the online user dashboard from where you can remotely track the messages.

Monitoring your kid’s text messages is one of the best ways to protect them from potential online dangers. You can never find out about your kid’s digital interactions until you install a monitoring app on their phone and start monitoring their messages.

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