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Read Your Kid's Messages with This SMS Tracker for iPhone

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If you are a parent of a preteen or a teen, there’s a high chance that you have got them an iPhone. iPhone devices are way more popular among children and teens. These days it would be hard to find a kid without an iPhone.

They need smartphones to talk to their friends, watch their favourite movies/TV shows, listen to music, carry out research work for their homework and assignments, and scroll through news feeds on different social media sites.

Getting your teen an iPhone is a good choice but you need to be careful about their phone usage. Most kids are indulging in wrong habits such as sexting and talking to strangers for fun and pleasure. Parents need to monitor what conversations are they having with others on their phone and this is only possible with the help of an effective SMS tracker for iPhone.

Reading Kid’s Messages

The times we are living in is crucial for everyone, especially our kids. Since they use electronic devices and have access to the internet 24x7, it’s likely for them to come across several online threats. We think our kids are safe on the internet but in reality, they are not.

When parents are not around, kids dare to indulge in activities that might be dangerous to them. For instance, they can look up for inappropriate content on the internet, talk to strangers, or exchange sexually explicit messages (sexts) with others.

What’s more, they can also be targeted by bullies on the internet and feel threatened. Gone are the days when bullying was restricted only in school classrooms and playgrounds. The internet has made bullying easier because it only takes an electronic device and an internet connection to threaten someone else.

Your kid may be a victim of cyberbullying. He may be receiving threatening, venomous, and abusive messages from someone online and not tell you about anything. In such cases, how can you know what’s going on with your kid?

The only way to find out is to keep a track of your kid’s messages, both offline and online. You must track their text messages as well as the conversations exchanged on various instant chat messengers to find out what your kid has been up to.

Whether your kid is exchanging sexts with someone or is receiving hateful messages from a bully, you can find that out by using an authentic and professional SMS tracker for iPhone. A free SMS tracker for Android can also be used if your kid is using an Android phone.

Read Messages with SMS Tracker for iPhone

When you go out looking for an SMS tracker for iPhone, you will come across many options. However, you need to beware of fake and bogus SMS tracking apps. Most users download and install the fake SMS tracker by mistake and regret later when they cannot track their kid’s text messages effectively.

After trying different SMS tracking apps, we realized Mobistealth is the most effective SMS tracker for iPhone. The app does offer a free trial version but in order to benefit from all the monitoring features, you need to opt for the premium package.

Once you have upgraded to the premium account, you can track your kid’s text messages. Using Mobistealth, you can track your kid’s iMessages as well as those conversations exchanged on instant messaging apps such as Hike, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

Now, here’s a thing: SMS tracking works differently for iPhone and Android devices. If your kid is using an iPhone device, you need to use the iBackup method offered by Mobistealth to track their iMessages and chats from instant messengers.

So, how does iBackup method work? Let’s find out. To monitor your kid’s iMessages or chats from the instant messaging apps mentioned above, you would need physical access to your kid’s iPhone device just for one time.

Along with that, you also need a USB cable, a PC or a Mac device to complete the whole setup which is only going to take a few minutes. As soon as you are done completing the setup, the backup of iMessages and chats from your kid’s iPhone will automatically begin whenever their iPhone is on the same WIFI network as yours or connected through the USB cable.

Keep in mind that the iBackup method is only used when you need to monitor your kid’s text messages. For all other information such as phone calls, location history, and web browsing history, you only need iCloud credentials of your kid’s iPhone device.

We recommend using Mobistealth to track your kid’s messages because it also offers a 15-days moneyback guarantee. In case you feel you are dissatisfied with the Mobistealth service, you can always ask for a refund from their support team.

So, next time, if you are worried about your kid going through some trouble all on their own, you need to start tracking their online activity, especially their messages to find out what’s going on.

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