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Mobistealth: The Best Free SMS Tracker for Android Phones

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We are living in an uncertain time where everything seems unpredictable. Minor negligence on our part can cause serious harm to our loved ones. We think our loved ones, especially our children are safe on the internet but they are not.

Because they are young and innocent, they can easily succumb to several online threats and become a part of something evil. For every parent, ensuring their kids’ online safety should be a topmost priority and to keep them safe, they should be willing to take different measures.

One such protective measure is the use of a cell phone monitoring app that helps them monitor their kids’ entire online activity including their conversations. With the help of a free SMS tracker for Android, they can log both incoming and outgoing messages on their kids’ devices.

If you visit the market, you will be amazed to look at the numerous cell phone tracking options for you. However, our pick would be Mobistealth because it has helped us offer effective monitoring solutions time and again.

Why Do We Need SMS Tracker?

Every other day, we hear news broadcasts and stories of cyberbullying, child predators, drug and alcohol abuse that can be alarming for most parents. With such horrifying news circling around, parents can’t help but become increasingly worried about their kids becoming exposed to online threats by making wrong choices.

Parent’s worry is not only confined to when their kids are not around them. They also have to worry when their kids are under their roof and still have access to their phones and the world of the internet. Most parents are still clueless about how to monitor their kids’ online activity, especially their text messages.

For some parents, drug and alcohol abuse remains a major problem. In fact, it is like a nightmare for them. If you think your kid may be involved in such type of behaviour or is communicating with someone who is already involved in this behaviour, you should immediately start monitoring their text messages, both online and offline.

Similarly, if you suspect your kid to be engaging with a sexual predator or think someone is trying to bully them online, the first thing you need to do is monitor the conversations taking place on their mobile phone. You need to monitor their phone’s text messages along with the conversations happening on the instant chat messengers such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.

Most kids prefer talking to others through social media platforms, so be sure to monitor their social media apps as well. Parents should always keep a keen eye on their kids’ online activity and should never leave them alone with their electronic devices and internet access.

Using Mobistealth as Your SMS Tracker

In such trying times, it is better to seek help from a reliable and professional monitoring tool such as Mobistealth. Using this app is the first step towards monitoring your kid’s online behaviour. The app has an effective SMS tracking feature that allows you to remotely monitor all the messages on your kid’s phone.

From phone calls to text messages to web browsing history to phone’s location to social media accounts, you can monitor pretty much everything on your kid’s phone with the help of Mobistealth. What’s more, the app also helps you get the list of all the cell numbers your kid has been in touch with. You can also find the name and the cell number of the person who your kid is interacting with.

This way you can know about all the people who are communicating with your kid. If you find any number suspicious, you can immediately intervene and stop your kid from talking to them. Make sure your kid only gives out their cell number to people who they know in real and who they have met. They should always refrain from giving their number to a stranger or someone whom they have never met.

The Best Free SMS Tracker for Android

Mobistealth is regarded as the best free SMS tracker for Android because its SMS tracking feature works really well on the Android platform. Users have the liberty to use the free trial version for up to two weeks to decide whether or not the app suits their needs.

Once they have got the hang of the app and they believe the app is for them, they can upgrade to the paid version and benefit from all the monitoring features. Keep in mind, you cannot use all the monitoring features offered by the app if you are using the trial version.

This SMS tracker free will offer only limited features. However, you can always switch to the paid version and use all the important monitoring features including SMS tracking.  

Monitoring and tracking apps have become an essential part of digital parenting now. While it’s impossible to stay near your kids all the time due to your hectic work schedule, you can remotely keep an eye on their digital behaviour by installing a monitoring app on their devices.

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