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What Does A Key Logger Do? How Does It Record Keystrokes?

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Have you ever wanted to know what your kid types on their cellphone all day long? Are you curious to know what sort of messages they are sending to others or what are their web searches? If that’s the case, you need to get your hands on the best monitoring software.

Let’s talk about your employees. If you are running a company, surely you would need some sort of surveillance installed inside the office to keep a check on your employee’s activity. It’s important to monitor their keystrokes because you’d want to know what messages and emails they send to others and what is their web browsing mostly based on.

A keylogger is one such monitoring tool that helps you capture and record the keystrokes pressed on someone’s keyboard. In this post, we will learn what does a key logger do and how it helps you gather information from your target device.

Introducing Keylogger

A keylogger, also referred to as monitoring software or spyware, is the equivalent of digital surveillance as it reveals every pressed keystroke whether that is made for sending text messages, emails, or making web searches, etc.

Also sometimes called a keystroke logger, a keylogger is a kind of software that logs or records the keys struck on someone’s keyboard, typically in a secret manner so that the target person cannot know that their actions are being monitored.

What Does A Key Logger Do?

There is a controversy against the use of keyloggers because these tools can either be used for legitimate or illegitimate reasons. Let us first discuss the legitimate uses of the keylogger. A keylogger can be used for legal reasons when a parent wants to monitor their kid’s online activity to protect them from harmful dangers out there.

Another legitimate use of keyloggers is when law enforcement uses it to analyze and track incidents related to the use of personal computers. Investigation agencies can also use keyloggers to track down a person. On the other hand, employers can use this kind of surveillance to record their employees’ keystrokes on their keyboards. That way, they can ensure their employees are working and not wasting time on the internet by surfing and chatting all day long.

However, the illegitimate uses of keyloggers are indefinite. This software can be used by online hackers having malicious intent to steal someone’s sensitive information such as account details, credit card numbers, passwords, and other private information.

We cannot deny that keyloggers are capable of posing a serious threat to users because they can be used to steal someone’s confidential information such as passwords that are entered by them through their keyboard. Consequently, cybercriminals and online hackers can retrieve account numbers and PIN codes for your bank accounts, passwords to your email and social media accounts. They can use this information to steal your identity and possibly extract information and money from your close friends and family.

How Does a Keylogger Function?

We only intend to promote the positive uses of the keylogger. We do not encourage the illegitimate use of the keylogger under any circumstance at all. Parents are most welcome to download and install the keylogger software on their kid’s device because, with the help of this monitoring tool, they can protect their kids from harmful online threats.

Even employers are encouraged to install this kind of surveillance at the workplace so that they can keep a close eye on their employee’s activity and protect the company from dishonest employees that may cause major data theft.

Several keyloggers are available in the market. Most monitoring apps and software include the keylogging feature such as Mobistealth. With this monitoring software, you do not need to get a separate keylogger for your monitoring needs.

Exclusive keyloggers are also present in the market but we would suggest getting an advanced monitoring solution that offers several other important monitoring features alongside the keylogging feature.

Suppose you have chosen Mobistealth as your monitoring solution. All you need to do is register an account on the Mobistealth website and get your online account credentials. Then, log in to your account and take a look at your dashboard. That is the place where you can monitor all the details from the target device remotely.

To install the monitoring app, you need physical access to the target person device. Install the monitoring app and hide its icon so the target person cannot find it on their device. The monitoring app will then silently work in the background and record every keystroke struck on the keyboard/keypad of the target device.

The keylogging feature of the monitoring app will become active as it will record and capture every keystroke pressed on the target device. The confusing spaces will be removed from the logged keystrokes to enhance readability and then the data will be exported to your online user account in a presentable form. That is how a typical keylogger function.

Also, we’d like to state that the keylogging feature of Mobistealth only supports Android, Mac, and Windows devices. It does not work on iOS devices. If you’re wondering do keyloggers show passwords then remember that the Mobistealth keylogger records everything except for the passwords typed on the target device.

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