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Do Keyloggers Show Passwords? Here's What You Need to Know

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The technology has advanced in recent years so much so that now you can find out what the person sitting next to you is typing on their smartphone. What’s more, you can also learn all about the web searches they are making on their internet browsers, the content of text messages and emails they are exchanging with others, etc.

Everything is possible with the help of a keylogger. A keylogger is a computer program or a piece of software or hardware that allows you to record and capture all the keystrokes pressed by someone on their device.

That means you can record and capture the web searches, the text messages, instant chats as well as emails exchanged by someone on their device. However, our main concern is to know whether or not a keylogger records the passwords. Do keyloggers show passwords? Can it also capture the password of someone’s account? Let’s find out everything that we need to know about this.

Installing a Keylogger on Someone’s Device

Like we explained earlier, a keylogger can be either a software or hardware device that is designed to log every key that is pressed on the keyboard. For example, it can log personal text messages, instant chats, credit card numbers, web searches, and everything else that is typed on the keyboard.

Generally, keyloggers are notorious for being malware as they can retrieve someone’s personal information from their device. However, the keyloggers may also be installed by over-protective parents, employers who want to monitor their employees’ activities during office hours, and suspicious spouses. In fact, hardware keyloggers are said to be perfect for keeping a close check on your employees.

Most people believe that keyloggers are used for illegitimate purposes. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s true that most keyloggers act as malware on someone’s computer. These types of tools are used to steal someone’s confidential information from their device such as bank details, credit card numbers, passwords, etc.

Yes, you heard that right. Some keyloggers are designed to even capture someone’s password from their device. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t use keyloggers for legal reasons. Besides being referred to as a hacking tool for hackers and cybercriminals, most keyloggers are also useful for parents and employers.

An over-protective and worried parent may use a keylogger as a parental control solution to find out what their kid does on their device all day long. An employer can also install keylogger software on their employee’s devices to find out what messages they exchange with others during working hours.

Monitoring kids’ messages and online activity is done to protect them from harmful online dangers whereas monitoring employee’s activity is carried out to prevent the company from major data theft.

The keylogger can be easily downloaded and installed as software on someone’s device. In fact, keystrokes download is really simple and easy. You just need physical access to the target device for a few minutes to install the keylogger software on their device.

How Does a Keylogger Function?

As soon as the keylogger starts running on the target device, it secretly logs all the keys pressed by the target person on their device keyboard and converts the logged data into a presentable form. All the confusing spaces in the logged text are removed and the refined data is then transported to your online user account.

From your online user account, you can remotely monitor the logged keystrokes from anywhere and anytime. That is how most keyloggers work. Even Mobistealth, one of the leaders in the monitoring solutions business, works that away.

The reason why Mobistealth works among the customers is that is provides all the extensive monitoring features including keylogging. You can use this monitoring software if you need to spy on your kid’s or employee’s activity.

Mobistealth can be used to monitor the entire log history on someone’s device and to provide information about what the target person is searching for and typing online.

Do Keyloggers Show Passwords?

Now, let’s come back to the key question: do keyloggers show passwords? It depends on the type of keylogger software and its use. If you’re using the keylogger as a malware then you can capture the passwords to someone’s account as well.

Some keyloggers are only meant for legitimate purposes. For instance, Mobistealth helps you monitor someone’s device for all the right reasons. It does not record the passwords. Hence, you cannot expect to steal someone’s password, whether it belongs to your kid or employee while using Mobistealth.

In case you want to steal someone’s password, then you need to opt for some other keylogger. We would recommend using keyloggers only if you have a genuine reason. Remember, that most keyloggers are dangerous malware because you won’t be able to detect them on your device.

They run secretly in the background of the device and log all your sensitive information such as bank details and passwords as long as they stay undetected.

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