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Mobistealth Allows You to Record Your Employees' Keystrokes

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Do you monitor your company’s employees on a time-to-time basis? Do you track their activities during working hours? Do you record the keystrokes that they press on their devices? Do they actually pay attention to their tasks or waste time in leisure activities while at work?

The answer to the above-mentioned questions is simple: almost every company carries out employee monitoring these days. It has become mandatory for every company, whether big or small, to know what their employees are doing in the workplace.

Monitoring employees help companies know about their employees’ activities. They can use this data to analyze an employee’s performance and decide whether or not they deserve a salary increment or need to be asked to leave the company.

Employers can use various tools to keep a track of their employees during office hours. One such tool commonly used by employers is keylogger software. Let’s understand everything about a keylogger, which one is the best keylogger out there, and how it helps you record your employee’s activity.

Understanding a Keylogger

A keylogger, also known as a keystroke logger, is a computer program that is designed to help you record keystrokes your employee strikes on his computer or smartphone while he’s at work.

This computer program can be downloaded as computer software as well as a mobile application, depending on the type of device your employee is using. Once installed, the keylogger becomes invisible to your employee, meaning that your employee won’t be able to find out that their keystrokes are being recorded while the keylogger is secretly running in the background of their device.

Choose Mobistealth as Your Keylogger

If you have read about monitoring apps, there’s a high chance you already know about Mobistealth. This is one of the best cell phone monitoring apps/software that allows you to monitor the target cell phone or computer.

Mobistealth offers the keylogging feature along with other advanced surveillance features to its users. The cell phone monitoring app records all the keystrokes pressed by your employee on their device and then sends the data to your online dashboard in a readable format.

It's really easy to use Mobistealth as your keylogger. All you need to do is create an account with Mobistealth, get your credentials, and sign in to your online dashboard. This is the place where you can remotely monitor your employees’ recorded keystrokes.

Then, you need to download the app from the Mobistealth site and install the application on your employee’s device. Remember, you can only legally monitor your employee’s smartphone or computer activity if they are using a company-owned device. You are not allowed to monitor their personal devices and even after their working hours have ended.

How Mobistealth Keylogging Works?

Once the Mobistealth app is installed on your employee’s device, the keylogging feature will be activated and it will record all the keystrokes pressed by your employees on their devices. The keystrokes pressed for searching for information on web browsers, writing an email, exchanging text messages or instant chats, etc. will be recorded and sent to your online dashboard from where you can remotely monitor your employee’s activity from anywhere and at any time.

The good thing about Mobistealth is that as soon as it records the keystrokes, it converts the data into a readable text so the user can easily interpret it. The software also removes all the confusing backspaces from the recorded text and enhances the readability for the end-users.

With the help of keystroke logging, you can track what your employees are currently doing in the office and also closely monitor their internet browsing activities. However, this keylogger does not allow you to record the passwords that your employees type on their devices.

Why Companies Should Use Keyloggers?

There are several reasons why a company should use the keylogger program. Let’s explore those reasons in detail:

  • First of all, a company can prevent data leakage with the help of a keylogger program. With a keylogger installed on your employee’s device, you can find out whether your employee is communicating with a third-party and attempting to share the company’s sensitive information with them. Once you have found out about those dishonest employees, you can take necessary actions at the right time and prevent your company from major financial loss.
  • Secondly, you can use the keylogger program to control the use of sensitive data in your company. You can find out how the data is being used in your company and then determine whether or not your need to solidify your company’s data loss protection policies.
  • Last but not least, a keylogger program can help you evaluate your employee’s performance. You can evaluate their productivity by monitoring the keystrokes they press on their devices. If they’re engaged somewhere else besides work-related tasks, you can find out the reasons behind their low-efficiency.

Keylogger is an integral part of every company’s employee monitoring system. Without a keylogger, you wouldn’t be able to know what your employees actually do during working hours. Mobistealth will help you record your employees’ keystrokes in real-time and transport the data to your online dashboard effectively. The keylogging featured offered by Mobistealth supports all Android, Mac, and Windows devices. Please bear in mind that it doesn’t function on iPhone devices. Therefore, you can only benefit from the Mobistealth keylogger if your employees are using either Android, Mac, and Windows devices.

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