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How Does a Keystroke Logger Help Parents?

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keylogger is a computer program or software that is designed to record the keystrokes made by someone on their device. When a keylogger is installed on a target phone, it records all the outgoing messages, chats, or whatever has been typed on the phone by the target person.

A keystroke logger is beneficial for parents because it helps them find out what their kids have been searching for on their web browsers and what sort of text messages and instant chats they are sending to others.

Below, we have outlined a few reasons why every parent should make use of a keystroke logger for their kids.

Kids Involved in Sexting

When kids have been given mobile phones at a young age, they can explore different options on it. Besides watching funny videos, movies, TV shows, and playing online games with their friends, they can step into the dangerous world of the internet unknowingly.

One of the top online dangers is sexting. Every kid and teen is somewhere involved in sexting. Sexting involves kids and teens engaged in exchanging sexually explicit messages with each other that may contain inappropriate text messages, photos, and videos.

When teens get involved with someone in an online relationship, they tend to exchange inappropriate messages with each other. Sexting is some sort of entertainment for the kids and they find pleasure doing so.

The only way to find out whether or not your kids are involved in sexting is to record their keystrokes with the help of keylogger software. The keystroke logger will record all the keystrokes made by your kids on their mobile devices. The keylogger will log all the keystrokes and will convert the data by removing the backspaces from the messages so the data becomes readable for you.

Kids Searching for Unsuitable Content

When kids start exploring the internet, they might step into the dark and dangerous side of the internet. They might stumble upon inappropriate and unsuitable content either by mistake or out of curiosity. To find out if your kids are searching for unsuitable words like “porn”, “sex”, and “nude” etc., you can use a keystroke logger.

Once you realize your kids are searching for these inappropriate terms on the internet, you can catch them red-handed on time and take away their mobile phones from them or consider blocking the porn sites on their devices.

What’s more, you can also consider installing a monitoring app on their phone that blocks and filters all the unsuitable content on their phone. You can also enable the parental control settings on their phone so that your kids can’t access porn or inappropriate sites.

How Does a Keystroke Logger Work?

Let’s look into how a keystroke logger works. For instance, if you have selected Mobistealth as your keylogger software, all you need to do is download the monitoring app and get it installed on your kid’s phone.

Mobistealth is such a monitoring app that includes the keylogging feature. This feature records all the keystrokes made by your kid on their device. You can either install the Mobistealth computer software or the mobile app, depending upon which device your kid is using.

As soon as the Mobistealth software is installed on your kid’s phone, it will record all the keystrokes including chats, text messages, and emails. Basically, all the keystrokes made by your kid on their phone will be recorded and sent to your online user dashboard. From your dashboard, you can remotely monitor the keystrokes from anywhere and at any time.

However, you need to keep in mind that Mobistealth records all the keystrokes made by your kids on their cell phones except for the passwords. This keystroke logger does not record the passwords typed by your kids. To know the passwords, you need to adopt some other method.

But if you are interested in knowing what your kid searches on their web browser and what sort of emails, text messages, and chats they have with others, you can use the keylogging feature provided by Mobistealth.

The Mobistealth monitoring app offers a fifteen-day trial period to its users. Once the trial period is over, you can purchase the premium version and utilize all the advanced monitoring features including the keylogging feature as well.

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