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Keyboard Tracker: Ultimate Solution to Monitoring Keyboard Actions

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Do you want to know what your kids keep typing out on their computers and smartphones? Do you want to monitor your employees’ keyboard actions? If your answer is yes then we have some good news for you.

There’s a surveillance tool out there that lets you record all the keystrokes struck on the keyboard. We are talking about a keyboard tracker if you still haven’t guessed it yet.

A keyboard tracker, also typically referred to as a keylogger, is a software program that captures and records keystrokes pressed on the keyboard. A keylogger can be used for both legitimate and illegitimate uses.

Keyboard Tracker: Ultimate Solution to Recording Keystrokes

A keylogger or keyboard tracker is known to be the ultimate solution to capturing and recording someone’s keyboard actions. The application of keylogger was not widespread among users a few years back. People only started using keyloggers when they felt the urgent need to monitor someone’s keyboard actions.

Let’s start with parents first. Handing smartphones and computers to your kids is one thing and protecting them from harmful dangers is another.

You can give your kids’ smartphones and computers but you also need to ensure their online protection by using effective monitoring tools. Keylogger is one such monitoring tool that you can use to protect your kid’s online safety.

With keyloggers installed on your kids’ devices, you can monitor everything that they type on their keyboards. You can know what sort of messages, chats, and emails are they exchanging with others, what keywords are they looking for on their web browsers, etc. That way you can be aware of their internet activity and keep them safe from potential online dangers.

After parents, employers are the second-most users of keylogger software. They use this type of surveillance to keep a close eye on their employees’ keyboard actions. No matter what keystrokes employees will strike on their keyboards/keypads, the information will be captured and recorded by the keyloggers.

Employees can install keyloggers on their employees’ company-issued devices to prevent the company from major data theft. Since employees are said to be often involved in leaking the company’s private information to the third-parties and competitors, their activity during working hours needs to be monitored closely.

Besides parents and employers, investigation agencies can use the keyloggers to track an individual. On the other hand, some software companies use keyloggers to troubleshoot network problems in the company’s network system.

These were some of the legitimate applications of keyloggers. A keyboard tracker can also be used for illegal reasons by an online hacker. A cybercriminal can use the keylogger to steal someone’s personal information such as passwords and credit card information.

How to Make a Keylogger?

People generally assume that developing a keylogger is a complicated task and it is something that can only be done by expert developers. However, that’s only a misconception. The truth is that any person who knows and understands the programming knowledge can make a keylogger. If you want to learn how to make a keylogger then you must know the programming language using which you can make one.

The developer only needs to keep three questions in mind while making a keylogger. Those are mentioned as followed:

  • What type of keylogger are you going to make?
  • Which coding technique are you using to store the keystrokes in a file?
  • What is the method in which you will be receiving the log file from the target’s device?

Once he has the answers to all of the above questions, he can create a keylogger. To make a keylogger, he needs to go in-depth especially if he wants to make one that stays hidden and undetectable on the target device.

How to Check for Keyloggers?

Just like keyloggers can be installed instantly on any device, they can also be detected easily. If you want to learn how to check for keyloggers, then you don’t need to worry. You can use different methods to detect a keylogger on your device.

Following are different ways that can help you detect a keylogger:

  • The use of the safe mode
  • Clearing the temporary files from your TEMP folder
  • Looking for a suspicious program in the Task Manager
  • Looking for the keylogger in the Programs and Features  
  • Detecting the keylogger on your device with the help of a malware scanner or anti-virus software

Detecting a keylogger works in situations when you doubt that someone has installed a keylogger on your device. You can follow any of the above-mentioned methods to detect a keylogger on your device. Once you detect it, you can uninstall it right away and make your device free from any such spying tool or malware.

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