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Use a Keyboard Recorder to Record Your Kid's Keystrokes

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Have you observed that your kid is spending a lot of time on their computer? Did you often catch them closing tabs on their web browser almost immediately when you walk in on them? If you suspect they are up to something and are hiding something from you, you need to start monitoring their computer activities.

You can either use an exclusive keyboard recorder to monitor every keystroke that they make on their computer/laptop or use a thorough monitoring app like Mobistealth. The choice is completely yours. If you want to monitor something other than just keystrokes, we would suggest you go for Mobistealth as it offers several important monitoring features including the keylogging feature.

First, you need to understand why you need to monitor your kid’s keystrokes on their computer. Here are a few reasons why you need to record their keystrokes when they are using their computer.

Why You Need to Monitor Your Kid’s Keystrokes

The internet is a good thing for kids because they can access the internet to get help with their homework and assignments. They can also use social media platforms to interact with their friends online. They can post, upload, and share pictures, statuses, and videos with their friends and also communicate with them via instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

While parents know that their kids need to use the internet and digital devices to seek knowledge and get in touch with the world, they should also know about the dark side of the internet. It’s not entirely safe for a kid to be alone in the world of the internet.

Several dangers lurk on the internet that can be harmful to your kid’s wellbeing. Cyberbullying, sexting, pornography, sexual predators, cyber stalkers, etc. are a few threats that surround your kids all the time on the internet.

You can never know what your kid is doing online unless you monitor their internet activity with the help of parental controls and supervision. Any person can embarrass and humiliate your kid online and send them hurtful and mean messages, making your kid a victim of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is real and it’s happening in the real world. Gone are the days when your kids used to be bullied only within the confines of school buildings and playgrounds. Now, the internet has given a lot of space to the bullies to target victims online. They cannot be even caught online because most bullies attack victims using anonymous profiles and accounts.

On the other hand, sexting has also become way too common among kids and teens. You can never know whether your kid is exchanging sexts—inappropriate text messages containing sexually explicit photos and videos with others. The only way to find out if your kid is involved in sexting is to monitor their text messages, emails, and instant chats. For that, you need to look over their keystrokes and record them.

Kids are also looking for unsuitable and porn content on the internet. They use phrases like “sex”, “porn”, and “naked” and search them on their web browsers only to look for inappropriate content. To prevent your kid from searching these phrases, you need to first find out if they are looking for them on the internet.

These are a few reasons why you need to monitor what your kid is searching for on the internet and what sort of text messages, instant chats, and emails they are exchanging with others. The best way would be to record all the keystrokes made by them on their computer.

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Chats with Keyboard Recorder

What is a keylogger or a keyboard recorder? A keyboard recorder, also known as a keylogger, is monitoring software that records the keystrokes made by a user on their device. In case you want to record the keystrokes made by your kid on their computer, you can use a keylogger.

The keylogger software is specially designed software to record every keystroke made by a user on their device. It can either be downloaded as a separate keylogger software or you can opt for monitoring software that offers the keylogging feature.

The Mobistealth monitoring software also offers the keylogging feature to its users. You just need to download and install the software on your kid’s computer and enter your credentials to log in to your online user account.

From your user account, you can monitor your kid’s online activity. You can keep track of their phone calls, text messages, emails, instant chats, social media activity, web browsing activity, surround recording, as well as location. What’s more, you can also record their keystrokes.

Everything that your kid has typed on their keyboard will appear in a file where you can see what they have typed. All the keystrokes will be recorded. The software will remove the spaces between the keys and present the file to you in a presentable way so you can read it easily. All keystrokes will be recorded except the passwords your kid types on their keyboard.

You should opt for Mobistealth if you are looking to monitor other online activities carried out by your kids besides recording their keystrokes.

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