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What is a Keylogger? How Does a Keylogger Work?

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If you want to grab information about keylogger software and want to understand its role and how it works, we believe you have come to the right place!

In this post, we will explain what is a keylogger, how it works, why people use keylogger software, and how it helps them.

Definition: What is a Keylogger?

A keylogger is a type of monitoring software designed to record keystrokes made by a user on their device. The device could either be a mobile phone or a computer. With the help of keylogger software, you can record the information that the target person types on their phone in the form of text messages, emails, searches made on the web browser, instant chats, etc.

The information gets recorded and is shared with the user who is using the keylogger software to record the keystrokes.

A keylogger is also sometimes known as a keystroke logger or keyboard logger. It is a type of surveillance technology with the help of which a user can record each keystroke made by the target person on their device.

The technology has advanced so much so that the keylogger software can be used for both computers and cellphones including Android phones and iPhone devices. The keylogger for Android and iPhone both work well.

The Uses of Keylogger

Keylogger software can be used by several parties, depending on the purpose they want to use it for. First, let us discuss how a keylogger can be used for valid reasons.

A keylogger does have legitimate uses as well. For instance, companies and businesses can use the keylogger software to monitor the keystrokes made by their employees. They can monitor their activities during working hours to improve employee productivity. They can also use keyloggers to improve user experience and to troubleshoot problems.

Employers can use the keystroke logger to observe their employee’s computer activities, especially the keystrokes they make to send/receive text messages, instant chats, and emails. They can also monitor what sort of searches their employees are making on the web browsers.

Parents can also use keyloggers to supervise their kid’s and teen’s internet usage and see what they have been doing online lately. The device owners can use keyloggers to track the possible unauthorized activity on their devices.

On the other hand, law enforcement and intelligence agencies can also use keyloggers for surveillance and monitoring purposes.

Now, let us talk about the negative ways someone can use the keylogger software. Criminals and online hackers can use keyloggers to obtain someone’s personal or financial information such as the name of the person, their credit card details, and then they can sell or use this information to gain profit.

In fact, keylogger software is often used as a spyware tool by online hackers and cybercriminals to hack someone’s personal information, login credentials to banks, and other sensitive information.

How Does a Keylogger Work?

You can find several types of surveillance tools in the market. However, not all of them provide the keylogging feature. There are some keyloggers that exclusively play the role of the keystroke recorder. Some monitoring apps are present in the market that also provide the keylogging feature.

For instance, Mobistealth is such a monitoring app that also offers the keylogging feature to its users. With Mobistealth, you can also perform other monitoring activities on the target device apart from recording their keystrokes.

You can monitor their web browsing history, social media activity, surround recording, phone calls, as well as location. All you are required to do is download the Mobistealth monitoring app and get it installed on the target device whose keystrokes you want to monitor.

Just when the monitoring app is successfully installed on the target phone, you have the option of hiding the app’s icon on their device so they cannot find out about the app.

You will be provided with login credentials to your Mobistealth online user account. It will be like an online dashboard from where you can remotely monitor someone’s keystrokes on their device. All the keystrokes typed by the user will be logged in a file and transported to your online user account.

The Mobistealth keylogger records all the keystrokes made by the target person except for the passwords that they type on their device. It does not record the passwords typed by the user so you need to remember that.

Besides the passwords, all the keystrokes made by the target person can be recorded and monitored by the user on their online dashboard remotely from anywhere and at any time.

A keylogger is an effective monitoring software if it is used for a legitimate purpose. The same software becomes a danger when cybercriminals and online hackers abuse it. The main purpose of the keylogger software is to record the keystrokes made by a user for a genuine purpose.

In our point of view, the Mobistealth keylogger is the best keylogger software you can use to monitor someone’s keystrokes on their device. This monitoring software comes with a free trial version. If you are happy with the service, you can opt for the premium version and benefit from its advanced monitoring features.

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