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Is A Free Spy App for Android Without Target Phone Worth It?

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Truth be told, there are several apps available out there that help parents monitor kids’ online and social media activity. You can track your kid’s online activity without being intrusive. Before choosing or purchasing a monitoring app, we recommend you verify the app.

Verification of a monitoring app is necessary because there are so many fake and unreliable apps out there. For instance, companies offering a free spy app for Android without target phone should be ignored because such apps are completely bogus.

In this post, we are going to talk about why it is not recommended to use free spy apps for Android or other devices without target phone and what makes them ineffective.

Free Spy App for Android Without Target Phone: Does It Work?

There is no doubt that most children and teens are equipped with digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and gaming consoles. These kids are part of the digital world that gives them a chance of staying online and connected with others.

The same digital world can be a cause of great concern for most parents as there are unknown online dangers lurking around the internet all the time. Parents must be aware of these dangers and should know how to safeguard kids from them.

One of the best ways is monitoring their online and social media activity with the help of a monitoring or spy app. In fact, monitoring has become an integral part of digital parenting now. If your child is using an iPhone, we suggest you using an iPhone spy app whereas those using Android devices should use spy apps for Android.

Now comes the question: how to find out if free spy apps for Android without target phone are worth it? As we mentioned above, several spy apps are available in the market, some of them claiming to offer free trial versions. Parents can use the free trial periods to see and understand how the spy app works and if it helps them protect kids from online dangers.

However, most of the companies selling free apps for Android without making use of the target phone are usually fake. They may claim to offer free trial periods for some time but users will face several problems while using them.

First and foremost, these trial versions lack many important monitoring features. For instance, if you want to monitor any of your child’s instant messaging app, such as Facebook Messenger, you will be restricted in doing that if you’re using a free trial version of the spy app you have chosen for yourself.

Secondly, these apps do not even work effectively. Last but not least, monitoring an Android phone without the target phone is practically impossible. We can say this certainly because Android phones cannot be tracked unless we have installed a spy app on it.

For installation on the Android phone, physical access to the target phone is necessary. Without physical access, we cannot install the spy app on it. All those companies claiming to offer free spy apps for Android without target phone are fake and shouldn’t be trusted.

How Spying on Android Phones Work?

If you want to spy on an Android phone the right way, you must get physical access to the target phone.  Only then, you can install the spy app on the device. The process remains the same for all Android devices.

All you need to do is grab the target Android phone for a few minutes, download and install the spy app on it and you are done. Remember, you must hide the app’s icon on the target device so they cannot know about a spy app being installed on it.

Once the spy app has been installed, you can log into your online dashboard and from there, remotely monitor all the activity happening on the target Android phone. For iPhone devices, no physical access to the target phone is required. In that case, you only need iTunes credentials of the target phone to be able to install the spy app on the device.

The login credentials will be given to you by the company whose spy app you have opted for. We have tried and tested many Android spy apps but Mobistealth worked best for us. If you want to learn how to hack Android phone remotely and want to do it the right way, we suggest you opt for Mobistealth.

Mobistealth lets you spy on all the activity, both online and offline, taking place on the target phone. Whether you want to spy on someone’s text messages or track their location, Mobistealth is the best Android spy app for you.

Besides, this spy app works in complete stealth mode. Once the app is installed, it becomes undetectable on the target phone, not letting the target person know about it. The spy app secretly works in the background of the target phone, monitoring every activity and sharing the data to your online dashboard.

Therefore, you should avoid using apps that claim to spy on an Android device without target phone. In reality, such apps never work.

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