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How Remote Employee Monitoring with Mobistealth is Done

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Remote work or work from home has become the new normal since the Coronavirus pandemic spread all across the world in early 2020. Due to an increase in the number of infections, most companies decided to shut down temporarily and some of them asked their employees to work from home.

Since the pandemic started, most employees are now working from home. Now many employers were concerned about how they were going to monitor remote workers now. In the workplace, it was easier to set up monitoring software on the employees’ devices including computers and mobile devices.

How would employers monitor remote staff workers at such times? They should consider remote employee monitoring. Thankfully, we do have monitoring software that can also help companies to monitor their remote workers.

What is Remote Employee Monitoring?

Remote employees are those who are working from home. Remote workers may have flexible working hours but they have to complete all their tasks. All their work activities are monitored by the employers because monitoring software has been installed on their devices.

When employees are asked to work from home, employers deploy monitoring software on their devices that have been handed to them by the companies. They use company-owned devices including computers and cell phones and monitoring software has already been installed on them.

So, when employees start working from home, all their activities are regularly monitored by employers. They can find out on what tasks they have worked on and how many hours they have spent on a particular project.

Employee Monitoring with Mobistealth

Remote employee monitoring is possible with Mobistealth. This monitoring software can be deployed on all company-owned devices including computers, laptops, and hand-held devices. Once the software is installed, it begins to monitor all the events and activities taking place on the employee’s device.

The recorded data is then sent to the employer’s online dashboard, allowing them to see what’s going on employee’s device. From the online dashboard, employers can remotely monitor what their employees are doing.

Employers can keep an eye on their employee’s text messages, phone calls, emails, web browsing activity as well as social media activity. Most employers only monitor their work during official office hours. Other than those hours, they do not monitor them because then it would cause privacy invasion.

Even employees do not tend to engage in leisure activities during official business hours because they know each activity on their device is being remotely monitored by their employers.

Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring

When we look at the pros and cons of employee monitoring, we come to realize that the pros outweigh the cons of employee monitoring. Many companies have benefitted from employee monitoring software and they have also witnessed increased levels of productivity.

By deploying employee monitoring software such as Mobistealth on your employee’s device, you can evaluate their performance and see how much they have invested or worked on a particular project or assignment.

Employee productivity is also said to increase by monitoring employees’ activities during office hours. What’s more, employers can protect the company’s sensitive data from getting leaked. With the help of Mobistealth monitoring software, employers can spot dishonest employees who have been trying to expose the company’s important data to the outsiders.

That way they can lay off those dishonest employees from their company and protect the company from a data breach. Even the lazy and laid-back employees can be fired away if they do not become serious towards their job.

The cons of employee monitoring are much less though. Employee monitoring may cause distrust among employees and may also increase their stress levels. Consequently, the company may witness a huge employee turnover. Employee monitoring may damage the relationship between the employer and the employee if it is not done properly.

On the other hand, if employers go on to monitor their employees even outside the working hours, employees can become offended because of privacy invasion.

Mobistealth: Best Employee Monitoring Software

Several employee monitoring apps are available in the market, having a cutthroat competition with one another. However, with so many employee monitoring apps out there, it can become a bit challenging for employers when it comes to choosing one.

In our opinion, Mobistealth is the best employee monitoring software. It can be installed on the employee’s device within seconds and helps employers monitor the remote workers from anywhere and at any time.

Mobistealth offers different premium packages for users. Employers can select the one that suits them best and start monitoring their remote staff workers.

Instead of trying and testing different employee monitoring solutions available on the internet, we recommend using Mobistealth monitoring software for your remote employees. Both small scale and large organizations should consider installing employee monitoring software on the employee’s devices.

In the current times, installing employee monitoring tools has become the need of the hour. Since the employees will be working from home for a while, it is better to monitor their activities with the help of a reliable and professional employee monitoring solution. Happy monitoring!  

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