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Mobistealth is the Best Employee Monitoring Software

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Have you heard of employee monitoring solutions? Well, if you are the boss of a company or an employer of an organization, we are certain you must have heard of employee monitoring software.

Employee monitoring software is used to keep an eye on employee’s activity during working hours. Since the boss cannot be around the employees all the time to keep a watch on their movements and activities, they can use employee monitoring solutions to fulfill that purpose.

After meticulously trying and testing several different employee monitoring tools, we concluded that Mobistealth is the best employee monitoring software. Let us know everything about this employee monitoring software.

The Best Employee Monitoring Software

When you look up for employee monitoring software on the internet, you will be surprised to come across several results on your web browser. You can check each one of them, read their features as well as customer reviews before deciding which one you should opt for.

However, it would be of no use to check each one of them because we have already done this drill. We tried several employee monitoring tools to see how they worked and performed in an office environment. Some of them worked fine and some didn’t. Those that worked weren’t up to the mark so we discontinued using them.

Our perception of employee monitoring software changed when we came across Mobistealth. Essentially, it’s a computer and cell phone monitoring software that helps you monitor all the events and activities taking place on the target device.

However, this software also helps with employee monitoring. Once installed, the software can let you monitor your employee’s activity during working hours. You can monitor their phone calls, emails, text messages, as well as web browsing activity.

You can also find out how much time they have spent on a particular activity or project. This helps you evaluate the employee’s performance by the end of the month before you can call them in for a meeting. By reviewing their performance, you can decide whether or not your employee deserves an appraisal or increment.

Many employers evaluate their employees’ performances and decide whether they should offer them any bonuses or rewards. Employee monitoring solutions have also reported increasing employee productivity in an organization.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

When you deploy employee monitoring software at the workplace, you can monitor your employee’s activity during working hours. You can see who they have been talking to, what sort of emails they have been exchanging with others, and how much time they have been spending on their tasks.

With employee monitoring software like Mobistealth, you can also learn whether or not they are not sharing the company’s sensitive information with the outsiders or competitors. This can prevent a data breach in a company and protect the loss of the company’s sensitive information.

Employee monitoring enhances employee productivity. When employees know that all their work activities will be monitored by the employers, they tend to be more focused on their tasks and perform the work dutifully.

They do not waste time in other leisure activities. Rather, they pay more attention to their tasks and complete them on time. As a result, there is a significant increase in employee productivity which also benefits the company in the long run.

The employer can evaluate employees’ performances by using employee monitoring software. They can find out how many hours an employee has spent on a specific task or project. That way they can also decide about their salary increments, bonuses, and other rewards.

Even though the pros and cons of employee monitoring have remained an ongoing debate for many years, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the pros of employee monitoring have definitely outweighed the cons.

This means the advantages of employee monitoring are more than its disadvantages. Most employers inform their employees at the time of hiring them that they are going to monitor their activity during working hours. This may include their phone calls, emails, text messages, location, as well as web browsing history.

If or when an employer finds out that an employee is spending too much time on their social media or texting to someone for long hours at work instead of completing the task, he can call that employee to his office and warn them privately.

Most employees do not tend to waste their time at the workplace when they know that their activity is being monitored by the management. They will be more focused on their job and perform all their tasks with attention.

Employee monitoring apps also work when an employee goes out for a business tour. An employer can track all their whereabouts and locations to make sure the employee does not go somewhere else other than the place where they were supposed to be.

With Mobistealth, employee monitoring becomes easier and hassle-free. All you need to do opt for the best premium package, download and install the software on your employee’s device and start tracking their work.

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