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This is How You Can Know If your Smartphone is Being Monitored


Now that spy apps are easily available, there’s a chance that someone might be keeping an eye on your smartphone activities as well. Now you’re thinking why would someone want to spy on me, and that is a legit question, but the possibility of you being spied on is way higher nowadays. Previously, there were a few apps in this category, so there wasn’t much competition, and developers behind these solutions had built certain standards. Anyone who bought their app had to explain the reasons behind their purchase. However, that’s not the case anymore as anyone can buy a spy app without any repercussions and install it on someone’s device to keep an eye on their activities. You might be a victim of it as well, but there’s no need to worry because there’re certain indications that can let you know if your smartphone is being spied on by someone else. Here’s what you need to on a lookout for to detect trouble.

Strange Sounds During Calls

Smartphones have been around for quite some time, so you must have an idea of what voice sounds like during calls by now. If all of a sudden you start to hear strange sounds during a call, then that is a huge giveaway of spy app’s presence on your phone. Spy apps enable people to record calls and the unusual sounds you hear during calls are because of that.

Battery Draining Unusually Fast

Battery life is already quite low in the modern-day phones, but when a spy app is installed on your device, it goes down even further. If your phone was lasting you a day before, now it will just last you for around 10 hours. If you’re experiencing such high drop in your smartphone’s battery, then that is also a pretty big indication of your smartphone being infected with a spy app.

Phone Lights Up Even When Not in Use

If your phone starts lighting up for no apparent reason even when not in use, then chances are it’s been compromised. Spy app typically remains active 24/7, so whenever it is performing some sort of function, your phone lights up.

Phone Feels Warmer

This is probably the biggest giveaway of spy app presence. If your phone starts to feel warmer all of a sudden despite you not putting any kind of processing load on it, then there is definitely something that’s secretly using up the phone’s resources. As mentioned before, spy app has to function 24/7, and sometimes, it begins to work on a lot of different features, thus raising the temperature of your device.

Increased Data Usage

If you have been using internet on your phone for a long time, then you’ll have a pretty good idea about the amount of data you put to use. However, if you begin to notice a sudden increase in your data usage for no apparent reason, then it is also a huge giveaway that a spy app is using your data plan to transmit your data to a hidden third party.

The threat of spying apps is real, especially in the modern-day when they are easily available and more powerful than ever. So if you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms on your device, then you better act fast and get it removed.