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Social Media Addiction in Kids and The Use of Monitoring Apps

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This is the era of technology and if we are not updated with it, it might affect our connection with our kids. There is a big generation gap between the kids of this generation and the parents. The problem is that the kids are more digital and their life is more related to the internet and social media now.

Parents don't seem to understand that they cannot stop their kids from using the internet or social media, instead, they can learn about these things and make a connection with their kids. To make that possible, parents should know what their kids are stepping into when they are getting addicted to social media.

Social media addiction is a real thing now and it is as dangerous as any other addiction. Kids don't understand it at first because they seem to be enjoying their time on social media but as the time grows, they get addicted to this so much that they cannot put their phone down for even a few minutes.

Doesn't matter if it is family time or they are supposed to do some activities, they will always be found with their phone in their hands. Having fun is not a crime but you should be worried about the dangers that it brings to your kids. Social media is not a safe place for kids but parents can make it better.

The use of kids monitoring apps was not common before, but now parents are seeking help to protect their kids. With the help of monitoring apps, you can see what they are doing and how are they being affected by the dangers of social media.

Dangers of Social Media Addiction

Most parents don't understand that the kids are at the age of being hurt because of excessive use of social media. Every parent needs to know that social media addiction is really bad for both the physical and mental health of the kids.

If you don't believe it or you still think that they can handle it, here are some of the things that make social media addiction dangerous.


Any addiction be it substance or social media can lead to depression very easily. At first, it may seem like fun and entertainment but soon it loses the touch of adventure. Soon, the kids realize that there is nothing really in social media, and sentiments that they attached to social media make them depressed.

This depression can lead to isolation and worst, if not treated at the right time. You must understand that every kid that uses social media is prone to this depression

Anti-social Behavior

As soon as they join social media they think that it is their life now. They don't realize that there is a life outside of it that is very much real. They make their relationships there, they make new friends and connections and they don't carry out any activities in their life. As soon as they realize that social media is not real, they don’t understand what to do.

They lose the connection to real life, they don't know how to communicate, they don't know how to express their emotions and they become anti-social. This anti-social behavior can turn into depression and worst and it is all because of social media addiction.

Fake Relationships

When they have relationships on social media, they get attached to them too much. They share their personal life, they share things that they shouldn’t and things that could ruin them. Since they developed relationships online, they don’t know how to do the same in real life.

They can hardly share their feelings with another person in-person, so it makes it difficult for them to make relationships in real life. This becomes a real struggle for them and they end up being alone.

The Use of Monitoring Apps

Parents don't know what their kids are going through and they might think that there are enjoying their life on social media, but it is not like that for sure. if you want to protect your children from social media addiction, you must use monitoring apps that will make sure that you know what they are doing there. Mobistealth is one such app that can help you monitor your kid’s online and smartphone activity.

As soon as they start to lose touch with reality, you need to be there for them and show them that there is a life outside of social media. If things don't go as you plan, you must be there for them to accept their mistakes and to guide them to the right way. Kids run away from the parents who act authoritative so don't be like that with your kids. Talk to them, guide them and be there for them no matter whatever the do.

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