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What is a Smartphone and What Makes it Smart


Cell phones have been around for quite some time, but not too long ago, a term smartphone was brought to light. Now, this word is on the tongue of every single person. Even with the large usage of this word, it is still unknown to a lot of people what exactly is a smartphone and what makes it different from a traditional cell phone? To put it in a nutshell, a phone becomes smart when it goes beyond the call of duty. We will go in detail about what’s needed for a phone to be smart in this article.

Operating System

The first and the most important thing that phone needs to quality as smart is to be able to support an operating system. Most of the phones nowadays are relying on Windows, Android and iOS. These operating systems prove to be a platform for the mobile phones on which the users can perform hundreds of other activities.

Web Access

Internet has become our basic need and even the very thought of a world without it is enough to send a chill down our spine. This is why internet has also become a major feature of a smartphone. For a phone to be smart, it needs to be able to connect to the internet.


A cell phone can allow you to call or message on different numbers, but it won’t allow you to download any type of app. However, a smartphone, with the help of an operating system and internet access, has made this possible. Downloadable apps have been one of the major attractions of smartphones and their library is growing with each passing minute. All platforms support millions of apps. Although the quantity does not match the quality, some apps that have made a name for themselves work incredibly well and are pretty useful. Apart from entertainment apps, smartphones also support work-related apps that cater to users from all professions.

Data Syncs

Users can break free when using smartphones as the latter allow data to get synced. This syncing feature allows users to store all contacts in one phone to their emails so that they won’t get lost. Furthermore, it also helps all accounts of a user to be present on just one device. This especially comes in handy when users have to use different apps and email accounts.

These are currently the features that are expected to be present in all smartphones. However, the way technology advancement is progressing, it wouldn’t be surprising if a whole lot of new stuff is added to this list in few years’ time. Developers are always looking to add something new and fresh to mobile phones to attract and excite the public. Sooner or later, they do come up with something that appeals to almost all or most consumers.