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Should Pre-Teens Use Cell Phones? Get Help from Mobistealth

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It is true that social media is ruining our kids and the unlimited access to the internet is proven dangerous for them, it has been observed that even pre-teens have access to these things.

Parents might allow their kids to use the internet out of love or sympathy, but that decision can cost them much. Understandably, kids these days might want to do things that the older kids are doing, but there should be limits to what and how they do things. Though they might not understand these limits at first, they will serve them well in their later life. 

You cannot restrict your kids from doing what they want to do. If they want access to social media, they will get it even if you don’t allow them. The internet glitter around them makes them want this so bad that they will use other ways to get access.

Also, if they do that, they might hide things from you thus making bad decisions on their own. You don’t want them to fall into such traps and do things on their own. That’s why you should seek ways to make sure they get what they want and you get to keep an eye on them. Using the best parental control apps can help you tackle these things. 

How are Pre-Teens in Danger? 

Pre-teens are just younger kids who want to explore as much as they want, want to have fun, and do things that could provide them pleasure. For this purpose, they would do things that they are not allowed to do.

For instance, it has been reported that there are several accounts on Facebook that are made by kids younger than 13. The question is how they got their hands on such things and is anyone monitoring them or not? 

Here are some of the reasons that make the use of cell phone tracker app necessary:


How do kids get their hands on porn? How do they get addicted to it? It happens when you are not watching them. There are so many things on the internet that easily lead to this filth. If they watch it once, they will watch it again and again, and eventually, they might get addicted to it.

Pornography is not difficult to reach now. Every other website has those links that lead to this. If you are not watching your kid, you might be pushing them to danger. Once they get addicted to porn, it is very difficult to get them out of it and it can affect their whole future. 


You want your kids to get social, meet with other people, and have fun, don’t you? But are they doing it? If not, it is probably because they made their other world where they are happy and content.

The only issue is that this happiness is because of a world that is not real at all. The internet and social media world are filled with fantasies and kids don’t understand that. They chase everything over there and are left empty-handed. Also, they don’t make any real-life friends and that makes them in a more difficult position. 


As exciting as social media seems, it gets equally depressing with time. The kids get acquainted with the use of social media too soon, they get addicted to it, they start having fun with it. But it is only a matter of time before they realize it was not real and they have nothing to do in their real life.

Also, the social media world can cause several things to happen that could lead to depression in kids, especially pre-teens. They get hurt so easily and it is hard for them to recover then.

Using the Parental Control App

First of all, you shouldn’t provide unlimited and unsupervised access to the internet and smartphones to the kids. If they want to use it, it should be under your supervision. They should get proper guidance about how they should use these things and how things can go wrong.

After that, there is compulsory that you make use of the right parental control apps to keep a check on them. Even if they keep on asking to use social media, give them slight access but use a good parental app on the side to keep an eye on them. 

Mobistealth is the best monitoring app that can serve you well if you want to monitor your kids and do something about their urge to get entertained. With the help of this software, you can keep an eye on their chats, calls, even track their location and so much more. It is just a matter of choices. You need to know what they are doing to make sure they are not getting their hands on anything wrong.

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