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Prevent Misuse of Internet Privileges at Workplace


Internet usage has become a norm as almost everything has to be done with its help. However, at workplaces, the internet privileges are commonly abused. Employees dedicate a significant portion of their time to updating and scanning social networking profiles, or streaming videos online. This of course affects the overall performance of the organization, which is why it needs to be stopped. There are a number of ways to prevent misusage of internet, some of which are outlined below.

Avoid BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practice has been deployed in a lot of companies and although this saves them some resources, it comes at the cost of potential internet misuse. Employees’ devices are filled with songs, movies, TV shows, videos games, etc., and they are most likely to spend their office time on the aforementioned activities rather than performing the assigned tasks. They will also use office internet to download more content, which means less bandwidth available for the rest of the employees, the ones who are actually doing what they’re hired to do. This will have an effect on the performance of each individual because they would be unable to use internet at decent speed. BYOD does seem like a viable option at first, but in most cases it turns out to be just another hassle.

Monitoring Apps or Software

A large number of monitoring apps or software have made their way to online stores, and with their help, you can monitor each and every activity being performed by your employees. You just have to install these apps on to the office devices, and then you can receive information about all the websites that are being visited by the users. This is the easiest process to prevent misuse of internet at workplaces and it doesn’t require too much effort as well. The best part is that it’s effective. You can know which of your employee is actually spending their time working, and then you can use that information to reward them. This will work as a motivator for other employees, and it is very likely that they will then spend their time on work, knowing that performance is monitored and rewarded if good.

Use Filters

If you are new to the business scene and can’t afford devices for each employee, then the best course of action is to use filters on the main office network. If you notice that most of employees are wasting their time on social networking profiles, then just block those sites. You can do that to almost every major site that’s affecting your employees’ work. This is rather cheap method, but effective nevertheless. With nowhere to waste their time, employees will most likely spend their time working on the assigned duties.