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3 Things to Consider When Selecting an Employee Monitoring Software

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With the amount of attention that employee monitoring tools are getting on the web lately, you may have started contemplating investing in the software yourself. That’s not a bad idea at all since there are so many advantages of inviting the digital big brother into a workplace.

However, if you remain too casual about the whole thing and do not exercise due caution while selecting an electronic monitoring product, then the chances are you’ll find yourself crashing hard into a solid wall of disappointment. Not all software are built alike, and employee monitoring tools certainly aren’t an exception to this.

To save you from disappointment and help you with your research, we’ve highlighted three of the most crucial factors that you need to take into consideration while assessing an employee monitoring software.

Scope of Monitoring

This is easily the most critical factor of any employee monitoring software. A product or service is only as good as what it is capable of delivering. When you’re checking out an employee monitoring solution, be sure to thoroughly go through all the features it offers.

You’re most likely going to find all the details you need on a product’s official website. Be clear about your own requirements and then compare the available features with what you’re seeking. If you’re satisfied with what you see, then shortlist it.

Most companies require the following monitoring features in general:

  • Call logging
  • Text logging
  • Email monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Picture and vide gallery logging
  • Web history logging

Additional features may be required and sought depending on the kind of workforce that’s employed. Make sure you don’t make a compromise on any feature.

Compatible Platforms

Employee monitoring software don’t run in thin air. They need to be installed on a platform to start performing their functions and delivering their benefits. If you end up purchasing a monitoring tool that works with only a certain platform, one that is hardly present in your workplace, then you’re basically making a wasted investment.

You need a software that is compatible with the web-enabled devices used by your employees during work hours. If there are only one or two kinds of devices in use, then you might get away with investing in a platform-specific product.

However, if all kinds of platforms are present in abundance, e.g. Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc., then your best bet would be to go with a multi-platform software. Certain software like Mobistealth really shine in this regard as they offer a top-quality product for every major platform.

Brand Reputation

Often ignored, the kind of respect that a brand enjoys in the market goes a long way in revealing whether its product would deliver satisfaction or disappointment. You must do a bit of research on the reputation of a brand before you put your faith in anyone one of them.

Don’t just take anything you discover on its face value. Read up reviews and customer feedback on different websites and forums to develop a clear understanding of just how well the brand lives up to its claims and if its products deliver on their promises. Mobistealth is one of the best monitoring apps providing your what you exactly need.

Do keep in mind that a lot of brands today are paying for positive reviews, so you might have to dig a little deeper and search a bit harder for honest reviews and feedback.

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