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How to Prevent Internet Misuse at Workplace with Mobistealth

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Employee monitoring is not a new term but still, many businessmen are afraid to use it because they think it will sabotage their relationship with their employees. However, if you want to keep your workplace at peace, you need to think about using the monitoring tools to take care of the internet users there.

There are many ways that the internet can be misused in the workplace. Though you don't know about those once it hits you it can damage your company. Several big companies are using employee monitoring tools to take care of the issues that might arise at work.

Employees need to know that they cannot betray their companies thinking that the owner or employer won’t know about it. Also when they are allowed to use the internet and social media at what place they are most likely to spend most of their time on their smartphones than their work.

Managers who keep an eye on their employees are usually judged at first but when they make the right decisions based on the information they get; it keeps discipline at the workplace. That is why every employer, manager, or owner needs to learn the use of employee monitoring tools at the workplace to keep the company on the path of progress.

They just have to make sure that they don’t invade the privacy of the employees and don’t use any information to blackmail or hurt the employees.

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Dangers of Misuse of Internet at Workplace

If you think that your employees can handle the use of social media and the internet as well as work honestly, you might be mistaken. There are a lot of distractions when you are using your smartphone all the time.

No matter if there are only scrolling through their social media, it can take their energy and affect their performance. There are a bunch of disadvantages to the misuse of social media internet at the workplace. Let’s take a look at those things so that every employer can make informed decisions.


Though you trust your employees too much it doesn't take much for them to leave you for a better offer. Sometimes they make better deals in which they share information from your company to another company in exchange for something beneficial.

If you don’t know which of your employees are doing it, you can take help from monitoring tools. You will be surprised to know how your employees are ready to do anything for a little advantage.


Internet is a big distraction when it is time to work. If you compare your employees who are only working and those who are using the internet while working, you will see how their performances differ. You cannot stop them from using smartphones at work at all but you can put restrictions on using them when it is time to work.

For instance, they can use smartphones at the break or when they are exhausted but they shouldn't be using it the first thing in the morning. If they start their day using social media, they will most likely think of that whole day.

Losing Top Talent

Scrolling through social media is one thing but it has been observed that competitors are reaching out to the top talent of other companies through social media while they are at work. Sometimes the employer doesn’t even realize the issue when their top talent leaves.

It is all about making the right offer at the right time. The employee can be exhausted or upset about something when your competitor comes offering better deals.  You don't want to be blindsided by your employees’ actions so you need to learn the use of pc monitoring software. You don’t want your top talent to leave you like that.

Using the Best Monitoring App

First of all, you must mention your policies about what type of workplace you are in. You should mention there that you do not tolerate excess use of social media. You can write reasons for that, tell them how it affects their performance and all.

If you still see things going on, you are free to use employee monitoring rules to figure that out. You can conduct meetings and discuss the ongoing issues to give them a warning and to show them that you know what they are doing. You should talk to them before making any harsh choices.

Mobistealth is the best monitoring tool that is serving a lot of employers around the globe to maintain their workplaces. You can know what type of communications are they having over social media and what type of information are there sharing with other companies.

Once you have your all information, you can make an example out of it so that employees can know that you are watching each and everything. Make sure to extract the right information for the right purposes. Never exploit your employees’ privacy.

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