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Monitoring Solutions as Reward Systems

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Monitoring apps have been deployed in most workplaces around the globe but the employers aren’t making the full use of them. They only use it to keep tabs on their employees, and that is effective in certain conditions, but these tools are capable of so much more.

They have a lot of hidden potential and employers are completely ignoring them. Only using it to see web history of the employees just won’t do the company any good.

With third party monitoring solution at one’s disposal, they can monitor each and everything. So instead of just keeping an eye on your workforce, why not use it for something that can help you in the long run like a reward system. 

You can not only keep an eye on them, but this allows you to keep them loyal to you as well. You can show them that you truly care about their loyalty and you know how hard have they been working.

 Yes, it may sound awkward at first – how can a monitoring tool serve as a reward system, but it has all been explained below.

Monitoring Solutions Capabilities

Firstly, let’s shed some light on what monitoring tools are actually capable of. They can see what each and every one of the employees. They can see what they are up to, what sites they are visiting, how much time they are spending chatting with others, and how much of their time is being wasted.

With all of this information at your disposal, you no longer have to rely on anyone else’s word. You as an employer can see everyone and all of their activities.

This is a huge deal because, in the current system, you have to rely on manager’s reports to make sense of what your workforce is actually doing, but with the help of a monitoring tool, you can completely eliminate the middle-man. With middle-man removed, you can turn the monitoring solution into a reward system with ease.

Monitoring Solutions as a Reward System

Now that you have eyes on everyone’s activity through cell phone tracker apps, you can easily see which one of your employees are actually putting in hard work and which one of them are just wasting their time. With that information at hand, you should reward people who are actually putting in an effort. 

Others will see that they cannot get away without putting in an effort anymore, which will force them to actually focus on the assigned tasks. Previously, people made good relations with their managers in order to get better performance reviews and employers had no idea about it.

However, with middle-man removed from the equation, you can easily reward the right people. Some slackers would not like the idea of it at first, but when they realize that only way they are going to get rewarded is through good performance.

This will motivate them to put in an extra effort and that will help the company grow. So, just by utilizing the reward system in the right manner, you can attain some remarkable results

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