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How Instant Messaging Apps Are Ruining Your Kids?

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Instant messaging apps have changed the landscape of social networking and have made SMS a thing of the past. You can use them to share pictures, videos, files, and also for communication. However, in children’s hands, these great tools can turn out to be a nuisance. More often than not, they use it for purposes that bring harm to them or to someone else. The best option is to keep your kids away from these apps, but that’s just not practical. Knowing that, we have outlined some of the major problems kids can get entangled in while instant messaging apps.


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Pornographic Content Sharing

Almost all instant messaging apps enable sharing content, and it is often misused by the kids. They get hands on pornographic content and then share it among their social circle. This kind of sharing starts off as a joke, but soon it becomes a vicious game. Everyone involved in the conversation begin to search such content and then share to remain a permanent part of the game. Since nobody is around to put a stop on their activity, they continue sharing. And while doing so, they get so much addicted to it becomes hard for them to let it go. Such matters need to be stopped as soon as they begin. As a parent, it is your duty to find out whatever activity is taking place on your child’s smartphone. Fortunately, with the invention of monitoring apps, it has become a lot easier for the parents to monitor their child’s device. You simply install them on to your kids’ phone and get information about all of their digital activities. This can help save your kids from a whole lot of trouble.



Most of the children using instant messaging apps end up on the receiving end of the bullying. Previously, bullying was only restricted to school premises, and children were able to get away from it as soon as they left for home. However, that’s not the case anymore as kids can be chased quite easily through instant messaging apps all the time. Jokes and insults are pointed at them, making them feel bad. To save themselves from embarrassment, they refrain from sharing such matters with you. In such situations, your kids require your support, but you won’t be able to help them unless you remain unaware of the entire situation. Here once again, the need for a monitoring app rises, and quite frankly, that’s the only solution for this problem.


Vulgar and Abusive Language

Kids create a group in one of the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp to communicate with one another. However, soon this conversation thread turns into a vulgar and abusive nightmare. Everyone starts to use offensive slurs, abusing one another, and using vulgar language. This kind of communication stays on instant messaging apps for a few weeks, but then slowly starts to incorporate in your kid’s social life as well. Children are found abusing one another on regular basis, without feeling ashamed. If you try to explain that they are doing something wrong, they begin to use the same crude language on you. This is another habit that could be hard to let go, which is why it is advised to seek help from a monitoring solution as soon as possible. It will allow you to see what kind of messages your kids are sending and receiving. Moreover, if you come across a thread full of abusive or vulgar language, you can stop it right there and then before things get out of your hand.


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