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Deal with Cyberbullying in Kids with Monitoring App

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With kids, you have to face several things, especially when they start using the internet. Social media is not a fun place for the kids, instead, it has many dangers attached to it and parents need to know about these dangers.

Mostly, kids are in danger because they think they can have their entertainment on social media and there is nothing dangerous there. For the sake of fun and adventure, they can go far and they usually suffer. 

Cyberbullying is the extreme form of bullying where kids use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to get humiliate each other and insult each other in front of the whole public. This is where things go wrong because, to insult each other, they end up hurting each other mentally.

For kids, this might seem pretty normal at first, but when things get worse, they don’t understand what to do. Cyberbullying is done out of impulsive thoughts to do something big to humiliate the other person.

But sometimes, kids can’t handle the pressure of being humiliated in public like this, and they end up taking extreme steps like suicide. No parents what their kids to go through this and that’s why they use of Facebook spy tool is not bad at all when it comes to protecting your kids. 

How Can Cyberbullying Hurt Your Kids?

For kids, social media is like another life that is more important and serious. They want to be liked on social media, follow other people, try to be like them so that they can look cool. If someone humiliates them in their favorite world and ruins their reputation, it will break them. There are several consequences of cyberbullying that are very dangerous such as 


One of the most common outcomes of cyberbullying is depression. It can happen to any kid who has been humiliated in public. The kids have a sensitive heart and they can hardly handle this much. So, they usually fall into depression and it becomes very difficult to get them back.

Depression is the state in which they don’t like to talk to anyone, they isolate themselves, they don’t share anything and thus, they end up ruining their mental health. Kids usually can’t handle the pressure of being bullied and as a result, they isolate themselves thus leaving everything behind. If they continue to do it, they will make it their habit and it will be very hard to move on. 


It might come as a surprise for you but there have been plenty of cases submitted where kids committed suicide because of how they were humiliated on social media. Their secrets were spilled, someone pointed out their weaknesses and bad spots, and worse, they were humiliated in front of the people that they like and probably love.

Not everyone can handle this much humiliation and that’s why they choose the wrong path that is not only wrong for them but hurts their loved ones as well. Though suicide should not be an option, they end up choosing it because they were not strong enough to face it and fight it. 

Personality Changes

For adults, bullying is nothing but a stupid game that shouldn’t have any effect on kids’ personalities or life. But if you look closely into the world right now, you will see how things have changed and how social media has become the larger part of people’s lives. In that scenario, your kid might not be expecting such humiliation and insult.

But even if they face it as you advise, certain changes in their personality are made right away and there is nothing that can be done for that. They might become less talkative, don’t trust people, or end up isolating themselves. No parents want their kids to go through this. 

What Should Parents Do? 

Being a parent, you might be worried about your kid’s mental health and safety. First of all, you must talk to your kids about what is going on and what is happening. Open yourself to get them to be open with you. Encourage them to share what they have faced even if it is their fault. They shouldn’t not be hiding things from you. 

On the other hand, the use of monitoring apps should be necessary as they can tell you where your kids are, what they have been doing and what sort of challenges are they facing. The more you know, the better you can deal when they decide to do something dangerous.

Show them that everyone makes mistakes and that doesn’t mean that their mistakes should end their life. Get them to share things with you and also use the monitoring app, Mobistealth, to keep an eye on them. Cyberbullying is wrong but it can be handled the right way. 

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