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Why Employee Monitoring Has Become Essential These Days


When employee monitoring was first brought to light, a lot of people including the employers were against it. They didn’t like the idea of keeping tabs on their workforce and they were right at that time. However, now that social media has become a huge phenomenon and people are spending a large chunk of their time on them, the effectiveness of work has slowed down significantly. Time wasting has become a huge problem in the organizations. Some of the companies have tried blocking the social media websites, but that just doesn’t work. Employees find multiple ways to access the content they want and there is very little an employer can do about it. Realizing that they are powerless against this sudden surge in social media usage, most of the employers have already started to keep an eye on their employees, so that they can see which one of them are wasting their time in the workplace. If you haven’t done this already, then we advise you to the same because if left unnoticed, things will get out of hand, as more employees will begin to slack off at work, and overall performance will take a huge hit.

Implementing Employee Monitoring

The biggest problem that employers have to face is the implementation of employee monitoring tools. People who know that their free time would take a huge hit from this implementation would strongly oppose this, but the people who actually focus on the given tasks won’t mind being under the radar at all. Sadly, the non-working workforce is the most vocal so expect them to make a huge scene, but don’t give up. Do take a stand, and make a decision to implement employee monitoring in the workplace. Most of the workforce won’t like it at first, but as mentioned above, the people who focus on their work will forget about it soon enough. However, those employees that used to waste a ton of their time, would be in a whole lot of trouble.

Stop Time-Wasters

The reason time wasting has become a huge issue is that there is no supervision. Everyone is using social media all the time, so no one really wants to point fingers at others. However, with monitoring solution in place, you won’t have to rely on information from others. You, yourself will be able to see each and everything that is happening on your employees’ devices. You will be able to see what sites they are visiting, how much are they chatting, how much time they are giving to work, etc. After you have this information, the rest becomes ridiculously easy. The only thing left to do now is to get rid of people who are slacking off way too much and are affecting people around them. Once the time waster is gone, the workforce will realize that the company won’t tolerate any kind of slacking off, so they will get back to work and minimize their social media usage. This will help improve the overall performance of the company, which is always the main objective.


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