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How to Use Reward System to Motivate Employees?

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When you have plenty of employees working under you, you need to find a strategy to keep them motivated and engaged. Along with that, you need to know if you are making the right decisions when you are rewarding them for their work.

Nobody trusts or respects a manager who believes in what people share and doesn’t look with this own eyes. If you want to build a good relationship with your employees, you must work for it and make better decisions based on the truth only. To find out the truth, you can use employee monitoring solutions.

Employee monitoring might be a new and weird thing for most of the managers out there, but when you think about it, it can make everything better. You can know things that you didn’t know before, you can make informed decisions, you can show everyone that you are not blind, and you can make rules and order.

So, to make it all right and better, you should use monitoring solutions for your betterment. You should see what they are doing every day, what sort of work are they delivering, and how honest they are with the company.

The Use of Employee Monitoring Apps

You might think that you are fine without digging this much, and your old traditional ways are working very well. But in reality, those ways are outdated and everyone is relying on technology these days to get ahead of each other.

If you are not well acquainted with the use of technology for your business, you will be left behind in the market and lose everything. As an owner, manager, or employer, you should have your eyes everywhere, and you need a good monitoring app for that purpose.

Here are some of the most important things that you can do with the help of a good and effective monitoring solution:

See the Real Effort

Politics is the part of every company and you lose your authority and respect when you become a part of it. When you are in the senior position, you can’t just lose your ethics and morals based on what people are saying to you.

Employees use several tactics to get ahead of each other and you cannot just believe everything that you say. With the help of a monitoring app, you can know what your employees are doing, how much effort each of them is putting in, and how should you judge them. Knowing things make you a better manager.

Rewards and Promotion

Your company will get a very bad reputation if you make decisions according to the politics that people play. When it is about promotions and rewards, you need to keep your eyes open.

Know which employees are loyal and which of them are just using their tactics to get on the top. Mistakenly, if you make bad and wrong decisions, it can cost you your respect and very good talent as well.


Do you know that your competitors are trying to reach your employees all the time? This is the tactic used by the companies who are desperate to know others’ secrets and use them to their advantage. The better thing would be to see if your employees are already sold to these companies or there are any loyal employees left.

You can know the truth with the help of a monitoring app that can show you what they are doing, with whom are they talking, and what are they doing when they are supposed to work.

If you find out that one of your employees has been conspiring against you, you can take immediate steps and stop them right away before any damage happens.

Usually, these companies offer better packages and facilities to attract these employees and get them to trade information. With this, you can know beforehand if there is something wrong with the employees and make an example out of it.

Use the Best Monitoring App

When you decide that you need to use the monitoring solutions to monitor your employees, you will come across several monitoring apps in the market. Based on what everyone prefers, Mobistealth is one of the best monitoring apps that can help you with your purposes.

You can monitor your employees, know their work, know what they have been doing behind your back and so much more. Your IT department can be revolutionized with the help of this monitoring app.

Along with using the best monitoring app, you must guide your employees about the right and wrong of working with you. The rules should be very clear from the very first day and they should know their limits. You should have regular meetings to know what they are doing and what they think about the company and its environment. Keeping them engaged is a part of keeping them loyal.

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