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Consider These Ideas While Giving a Smartphone to Your Kid

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Deciding when to hand over a smartphone to your kid can be a bit challenging for most parents. They can’t decide what would be the right time to give their kid a smartphone. Many experts have said that deciding when to hand over a smartphone to your kid has less to do with their age and more to do with laying the groundwork for using the device responsibly and safely.

Experts have further said that the real dilemma is not about deciding what is the right age for kids to have a smartphone rather it is about knowing whether or not your kids are responsible and wise enough to use the device. Give your kids smartphone only when they’re developmentally ready to use it. 

Moreover, it is also important for parents to lay the groundwork for responsible use of smartphones and prepare their kids to use the devices safely and wisely. Once you realize your kid is ready to use the device in a more responsible and safe way, you can hand over the smartphone to them. However, if they are not developmentally ready to use the device responsibly, you should probably wait for some time.

In this article, we will discuss a few ideas that you, as a parent, need to consider while handing over a smartphone to your kid. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Have a Discussion About Technology

First and foremost, you need to start having a conversation about technology with your kids. You can begin by telling them how you use technology, how their friends use it at school, and how their teachers use it.

You can also ask them questions about technology. For instance, you can ask them what they like the most about technology. What games they like to play, what videos they like to watch, or what social media app they like to use. That way you can make your kids learn more about technology and increase their awareness.

Reflect on Your Family Values

Another most important idea to be considered while handing a smartphone to your kid is reflecting on what’s more important to you as a family. Each family has a certain set of values that they follow ardently. Do you belong to a family that values technology and is greatly impressed by its connective and innovative powers? Or do you belong to a family that focuses more on teaching kindness and empathy?

Figure out what your family values are and then decide how important it is for your kid to get a smartphone. Surely, if you want your kid to explore the internet world and be a bit more creative and independent with their life choices, you can get them a smartphone. However, if you are someone who does not like any sort of interruption during family time, especially it is caused by technology, then you should decide how and when to make use of technology both for yourself and your kids.

Educate About Devices When Young

Many parents wouldn’t agree to consider this idea but they need to educate their kids about technological devices at a young age. We are living in a digital world where the use of smartphones and social media is inevitable. Just like you would teach your kid to read a book, now it has become equally important to educate them on how to use and access a smartphone when young.

Teaching your kids about the responsible and safe use of smartphones has become an important parenting duty in today’s age. You cannot expect your kid to learn everything about smartphone use if you hand them a device when they’re 12. Give your kid proper education about technology and the safe and responsible use of the internet and smartphones a bit earlier before they learn it from somewhere else. That may not be healthy for them. So, it’s better if you educate them yourselves.

Check Your Options

Before handing over a smartphone to your kid, it is recommended to go through all your options. Always research the different types of technological devices available in the market that can be more appropriate for your kids.

Instead of choosing a full-fledged or fully-loaded smartphone for your kid, you should select a device that offers only appropriate features for them. For instance, if a smartphone is allowing kids to only text their parents or a certain number of approved friends from the contact list, using only pre-approved mobile apps, or having limited or no access to the internet and social media sites.

Install Monitoring/Parental Control Apps

You should also consider installing a monitoring app such as Mobistealth before giving a smartphone to your kid. Deploying a monitoring app will help you learn how to tap a cell phone of your kid. With the monitoring app, you can know about your kid’s smartphone activities.

Many parents have reported having a sense of relief after installing monitoring apps on their kids’ cell phones. They can stay relax because they know what’s going on in their kid’s life. They can monitor their whereabouts, track their phone calls, text messages, instant chats, and emails. What’s more, they can also keep track of their internet browsing and social media activities.

All you need to do is install the Mobistealth app on your kid’s smartphone, log in to your online user dashboard and remotely monitor all the activity taking place on their device from anywhere and at any time.

We wouldn’t recommend you trying methods that claim to teach you how to tap a cell phone with just the number. Honestly, no tracking method can help you track your kid’s smartphone using just their number.

Become a Good Role Model

Another most important point you need to consider while giving a smartphone to your kid is that you need to become a good role model for them by using your own device healthily and responsibly. Kids imitate their parents and do things that they see their parents are doing. You cannot expect your kid to drink milk if you are not doing the same.

Similarly, if you are not making healthy and responsible use of the smartphone in front of your kid, there’s a high chance your kid will also not do the same. Create some rules for smartphone use at home so your kid can also follow them. Avoid using devices in front of them during mealtime, bedtime, etc. That way your kid will also avoid using their phones during those times.  

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