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Why and How to Track a Cell Phone Number on Google Map

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Tracking is not always our first option, but when it comes to kids, it becomes very important to make sure they are safe. When they are out in school, with their friends, playing outdoor games, or even when they are stuck to their smartphones all day being secretive about it, you get concerned. It is the right of every parent to be concerned about the safety of their kids, no matter how confident and wise their kids are. With today’s situation and the news we hear around the globe, every parent is concerned if their kids are on the right track or not if they are safe or not. 

The need to monitor and track them has increased tremendously recently. Also, the parents are using track your phone and monitoring apps to keep an eye on their kids. There are other options as well, and parents are even learning how to track a cell phone number on Google Maps to make things easier for themselves. Parents need to understand the dangers and concerns associated with the modern use of the internet and social media. The more your kids are addicted to it, the intensity of the dangers keeps on increasing. 

Why Do You Need to Know How to Track a Cell Phone Number on Google Map?

Whenever you suggest someone, especially a parent to learn how to track a cell phone number on Google Maps, they raise the question that why do they need it. Most of the parents don’t even realize they need to learn to monitor and track their kids unless something bad happens or something worse comes up. For the sake of awareness, parents need to know the dangers that are associated with their kids using smartphones, the internet, and social media. 


Talk about real-life predators or online predators, the dangers are the same. You never know who has the bad intentions for your kids, and when are they going to take action. Sometimes the adults roaming around us become dangerous for our kids, and sometimes, some stranger that they meet online find their ways to your house to harass your kids. Even these online predators harass and blackmail kids over the internet as well and then reach them. You need to learn how to track a cell phone number on Google Maps to know where your kids at any time of the day. It is important to keep a track of their location and activities. 


Bullying/cyberbullying is associated with the fight. Commonly, kids fight when they humiliate and harass each other. But, you never know the intensity and limits these kids can cross. The humiliation that is normal for you can be very personal and intense for the kids thus making them take serious actions such as serious fights or self-harm. And, you must know by now that usually these days, kids finalize a specific location to put up a fight with an audience. You need to learn how to track a cell phone number on Google Map to make sure that your kid is neither the fighter nor in the audience. 


We can easily say that kids don’t know a thing about relationships, but you should get worried when you see the so-called funny videos of kids under 10 saying that they are in a relationship. How can you trust your kids to be away from this thing that is happening around the globe? Making connections and having friends is one thing, but nowadays, strangers are making attractive profiles and targeting innocent kids to fake relationships to make them do things. These things can be dangerous and unhealthy as well. This is another reason for you to learn how to track a cell phone number on Google map. You should know where your kids are, who are they meeting, and what they are doing. 

How to Track a Cell Phone Number on Google Map?

If you want to learn how to track a cell phone number on Google map, here are the steps to follow:

  • First, you need to launch the Google Maps application on the phone that you already have. 
  • Now, go to the main menu of the app, and click on ‘Location Sharing’.
  • You will see the list of all the google contacts that you have. Write the name of the person you want to track and send the request for location sharing. 
  • Once you hit the option of ‘Request’, a request will be sent to the other person for location sharing. 
  • When the other user accepts the request, you will be able to share the location with them and you will see their location on the google map. 
  • You can repeat all these steps with your kids’ phone when you have the phone. Or you can ask your kid to accept the request. 

Monitoring Your Kids

Monitoring is compulsory in this era, where kids are inclined towards making mistakes and falling into the dangers. You need to be by their side all the time to guide them. You can learn how to track a cell phone number on Google map or you can use monitoring apps like Mobistealth to monitor their activities. These apps will let you monitor their calls, chats, social media activities, and a lot more. You will be able to know where they are, what they are doing, with whom are they talking, etc. 

You can also track a cell phone location without them knowing through the use of these apps. Once you know everything, you can choose the right time to intervene and guide them about their activities if they are doing anything wrong. Along with this, you can also communicate with them about the dangers associated with their use of social media and the internet, and about the concerns of talking to strangers. Talking to them, getting them open with you, and trust you are great things to make your relationship with them stronger.

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