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Can You Track the Location of a Cell Phone?

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Nowadays cybersecurity is becoming more important than physical security. A long time ago, people used to be afraid of the valuable things they had in their homes, but now, digital data is in more danger. Your smartphones and digital gadgets are in danger and there is so much less that people know about protecting them. So, if you have important data in your phones, and you want to protect it, you must know how to digitally secure your smartphone because hackers and cybercriminals are coming with strong attacks these days. 

This leads to the question, ‘can you track the location of a cell phone?’ Yes, you can. Apart from just protecting your devices, there are a lot of other reasons that might lead you to this option. For instance, if you have kids, you might want to put them under protection by tracking their cell phones. You might want to know where they are, what they are doing at the very instance if you cannot find them anywhere. Nowadays, there are a lot of doubts related to the kids that lead to this choice for the parents. And, there is no harm in selecting this approach after all. 

Moreover, there is this requirement at the business management where you might need to track your and your staffs’ digital gadgets that they are using at the workplace to make sure you are secure from all sides. No one should attack you easily and for that, you need to build a strong fort. Hackers usually come from the weakest places and one of those places is the internet. So, if you are keeping an eye on that side of your staff, you can figure out what and who is attacking you and how to tackle them. You can also learn how can I track a phone by phone number.

How Can You Track the Location of a Cell Phone?

Where you have plenty of reasons to pursue this approach, you might not have plenty of options. This is because you haven’t done proper research. But, once you know that you need to do it, there are plenty of options that come to the surface and that can be used to protect your digital data and your loved ones. Knowing these options keeps you updated and you can know the latest threats and their solutions. So, here are some of the things that can be helpful when you are learning about tracking the location of a cell phone:

Find My Device

This is an Android app that lets you locate your phone remotely. It also helps in protecting your phone from malicious applications and apps that might be dangerous for your phone and data. If you have this app installed on your phone, you can easily find your phone from anywhere. Here is how you can pursue the steps of using this application:

  • You need to go to the Google Play Store and find the app ‘Find My Device’
  • Now when you find it, it is time to install it.
  • After you have installed the app, sign in to the app using the google account that you want to use.
  • Give the location access to the app, and make sure that you have a strong internet connection during the process.
  • Now, that you are done, this app allows you to track your phone from anywhere. You can also lock your phone or erase data from your phone when you are away.

This is an amazing app with amazing features given for native Android users, and you can easily find your phone from anywhere if you have lost it.

Find My iPhone

Just like ‘Find My Device’, ‘Find My iPhone’ is an app that is specifically built for iPhone users. It perfectly works on iPhone phones. With this, you can easily find your phone from anywhere, along with managing, erasing data, and locking it whenever you feel that it is in unsafe hands. With such amazing features, this app can protect your phone.

However, this is a feature that is not required to be download through the app store. You already have this feature on your mobile phone. Here is how you can activate it:

  • Go to the settings
  • Now, tap your name and enter your Apple ID on the top.
  • Click on iCloud.
  • Now, select ‘Find My iPhone’ and switch it on to enable the feature.

Now that you have gone through the steps, you can easily locate your iPhone from anywhere by logging in to your account.


Another way to find out where your phone is is the use of a good monitoring and tracking app. Mobistealth allows you to locate any smartphone effectively through easy steps. Not only you can find your lost phone, but you can also find the location of others that might be necessary in some cases. It has amazing features that can help you tackle plenty of situations easily.

Not only you can locate your phone, but you can also monitor other devices and make sure that everyone around you is safe and secure from digital threats. For instance, you might use this app when you are dealing with kids who are using smartphones. They might not know what they are getting into, but by monitoring them, you can easily be by their side and make sure that they are safe.

Also, Mobistealth helps you to find someone’s location by cell phone number, where you can easily find out where your phone is or if your family members might be in danger. It is best for the use of parents, employers, caretakers, and other related people. The more you get to know the use of this amazing monitoring app, you will see how easy it is to use it and how effective it is in several cases.

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