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Here are the Best Social Media Monitoring Apps for Parents

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Since the evolution of the internet and social media sites, kids today have become more connected and attached to the digital world. The addiction to social media platforms has made them more influenced than ever with these sites.

Be it Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, it’s no surprise that children and kids these days are spending a lot of time on these social media sites. While using social media can help them know a lot more about different cultures and people around them, at the same time, the over usage can also put them at risk.

By spending too much time on social media platforms, children may neglect important aspects of their life for example studying and having meals at the proper time. They may even start sleeping late than usual due to overindulgence in the internet and social media.  

Social Media is Not Entirely Safe for Your Kids

You may think it is safe to leave your child using social media on their own but it’s not. You may never know what your child is up to on their social media account. They could be engaged in a dangerous activity like chatting with a pedophile, getting bullied by someone online or sexting.

To keep children away from online risks lurking on social media sites, parents must consider using a social media monitoring app. However, before they can start using one, they should be fully aware and have knowledge about social media sites and what sort of dangers lurk on these sites.

Parents can only protect their children from dangers if they know how to tackle them. Snatching away cellphones from them or turning off the WIFI at home won’t be doing any good to them. In fact, such kind of activities can make them rebellious and defiant.

Instead of taking away their cellphones or putting a stop to their internet usage, the best way would be to monitor their online activity and set privacy settings on their social media accounts. Your children may get around privacy settings by changing them every now and then, they won’t be able to do much when it comes to parental social media monitoring.

If you want to find out what your children are doing on social media and how they interact with the digital world, you can install a social media monitoring app on their device to check on their activity and protect them from online dangers.

The Best Social Media Monitoring Apps for Parents

Below, we have provided you a list of best social media monitoring apps for both Android and iOS devices. Let’ take a look at them.


It’s no surprise that our list of best social media monitoring apps tops with Mobistealth. This monitoring software helps you keep tabs on all the devices including computers, cell phones, and tablets. It supports both Android and iOS devices, giving you an insight into someone’s online activity.

Besides offering many advanced monitoring and surveillance features, Mobistealth offers location tracking. Usually, children put up check-ins on social media, especially Facebook, telling their friends where they are hanging out. By picking up the name of the place, you can find out where your children are at a particular time.

Location tracking also helps you track your child’s whereabouts in real-time. Another plus side of using this social media monitoring app is that you can monitor their online activity in full stealth mode. This means you can monitor your child’s social media activity without them knowing.


The next in line is PhoneSheriff which is another effective social media monitoring app. This app is available for both Android and iPhone devices but we would recommend it for the latter. Using this social media monitoring app, you can block phone contacts or text messages on your child’s cellphone.

The app has got a comprehensive dashboard that lets you access it from anywhere. You can monitor your child’s phone calls, text messages, as well as internet activity using this monitoring app. Besides that, you can also see the photos, videos, and other content details with the help of this app.

Parents can also use this app to set time restrictions on phone use or individual apps and set custom alerts. You can also find out where your child is all the time because this app offers a real-time location tracking feature. 


Another top recommended and effective social media monitoring app for parents is FamiGuard. By putting your faith in this social media monitoring app, you do not need to worry about your child’s social media activity.

The main monitoring features offered by FamiGuard include blocking social media sites, games, or inappropriate apps. Parents can get a complete app activity summary of their child’s cellphone. They can set time limits for your child in the apps they are using. They can also receive automatic alerts on geofence and track their location in real-time.

Parents can also allow or block websites on your child’s device using the powerful web filter feature provided by FamiGuard. This will ensure safe web browsing on your kid’s device and they will stay away from inappropriate content. Limiting screen time and filtering web content can also be done using this app.

Net Nanny

We would also recommend parents to use Net Nanny as a social media monitoring app because it will help them get control of what their children are doing and seeing on their internet-connected devices.

Backed by more than two decades of experience, Net nanny helps parents select plans to protect their children’s more than one device. You can monitor multiple devices using this monitoring tool.

As soon as parents install this monitoring app on their child’s device, they can filter web content, monitor social media activity, block adult and inappropriate apps, and administer control over their devices remotely. It doesn’t matter where your kids and devices are as long as you have got this monitoring tool.

Teen Safe

Last but not least, we would like to conclude the list of best social media monitoring apps by including Teen Safe. This app allows parents to monitor their child’s activity on both Android and iPhone devices.

They can find out who their kids are interacting with on social media and what content they are posting and sharing with others. Parents can also access deleted messages so children cannot easily hide the conversations they have with others.

Teen Safe also lets parents monitor web browsing history and track the location of their kid’s cell phone among many other monitoring features.

Now that we have told you about some effective social media monitoring apps, we are sure you can control and supervise your child’s social media activities. By installing a monitoring app, you can prevent your children from any potential online danger lurking on social media sites.

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