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Is Mobistealth the Best Free SMS Tracker for iPhone?

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Have you ever tried tracking someone’s text messages on their cellphone? Especially on an iPhone device? It’s a tricky job given iPhone has strict privacy protocols. It’s not easy to bypass the iPhone’s security system and get inside the phone to track its activity.

However, several monitoring and SMS tracking apps claim to hack the iPhone and monitor each activity and event happening on the device. They claim to offer free SMS tracker for iPhone devices. Even Mobistealth, one of the leading monitoring apps in the market, offers a free trial period to its users.

Does it mean it can offer free SMS tracking service to the users? What’s the truth about it? In this post, let us find out everything about free SMS tracker for iPhone devices.

SMS Tracker for iPhone

Let us first understand all about SMS tracker apps. Well, SMS tracker apps do exist. They can monitor the incoming and outgoing messages on someone’s cellphone and then share the recorded data with you so you can monitor it later.

Almost all reliable and professional cellphone monitoring apps including Mobistealth offer SMS tracking service to its users. With this feature, you can record all the text messages as well as the conversations taking place on instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Monitoring an activity taking place on an iPhone device can be tricky and challenging. Because the iPhone has strict privacy protocols and advanced security systems, it can be extremely difficult to bypass those restrictions and get inside someone’s phone and monitor the text messages.

However, Mobistealth, the ultimate cellphone monitoring app does the monitoring work with ease. It has the ability to record all the conversations and text messages on an iPhone and then transport the data to your online user account from where you can monitor all the data remotely from anywhere and at any time.

Does Free SMS Tracker for iPhone Work?

In this section, we will learn whether or not free SMS tracker for iPhone work. Mobistealth does offer a free trial version of the app to its users so they can experience the app on their own and get the hang of it. Once they are satisfied with the working of the app, which they normally are, they can switch to the premium version of the app and benefit from the advanced monitoring features.

Users can use the free trial version to understand how the app works. However, they cannot expect the free version to make them try the advanced monitoring features including SMS tracking. If they wish to see how this feature works, they need to opt for the premium version.

The free trial version lacks important monitoring features and only works for a few days. If users want to have the full-blown experience of the monitoring app, they need to download the premium version. So, if you are wondering you can use the free SMS tracker for iPhone and continue monitoring the iMessages on someone’s iPhone then that’s not going to happen.

How Does Mobistealth SMS Tracker Work on iPhone?

Now it’s time to understand how the Mobistealth SMS tracker works on an iPhone device. You need to keep in mind that the Mobistealth SMS tracker app works differently on Android and iPhone devices.

Our point of concern is to understand how it works on an iPhone device so we will skip the Android part and talk about the iPhone only. If you need to monitor iMessages from someone’s iPhone device, you need to use the iBackup method offered by Mobistealth.

With this method, you can effectively monitor the incoming and outgoing iMessages as well as messages exchanged on other instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and WeChat. For this method, you need physical access to the target phone.

Once you have got hold of the target iPhone, then need your own Mac or any other PC device, a stable internet connection, and a USB cable. All of this equipment is needed to complete the setup process of the iBackup method.

Now, whenever the target iPhone is connected to the same internet connection as yours or connected through the USB cable, the backup of iMessages with begin, and all the data will be transported to your account.

Mobistealth gives you control of your online user dashboard from where you can remotely monitor all the events and activities taking place on the target iPhone. There is no need to get hold of the target phone once you have completed the setup process of the iBackup method.

You can just sit back and relax and wait for the Mobistealth SMS tracker app to do its work. Many people have used this app to monitor messages on someone’s cellphone. Parents use this app to monitor their kid’s text messages so they can protect them from harmful dangers such as online predators and cyberbullies.

Employers can deploy SMS tracker apps on their employees’ devices to monitor their messages and protect the company’s sensitive data from a potential data leak. On the other hand, a person who is doubtful of their partner can secretly monitor their text messages and find out the truth.

We hope it is clear to you that free iPhone SMS tracker apps only work for a few days and also lack important monitoring features. If you want to take advantage of the entire set of monitoring features offered by Mobistealth, you need to download the premium version.

So, coming back to our question, is Mobistealth the best free SMS tracker for iPhone? Yes, certainly it is but you should not rely on its trial version only.  

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