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Everything You Need to Know About Free SMS Tracker Apps

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If you have been looking for SMS tracking solutions on the internet, we are certain you must have come across several cell phone monitoring apps that offer the SMS tracking feature. Essentially, SMS tracking tools are monitoring apps for cell phones that help us track down both incoming and outgoing messages from the target device.

There are different types of monitoring tools that you can find on the internet but it is important that you choose one that fulfills your requirements. While we were doing our research on cell phone monitoring apps that particularly offered the SMS tracking feature, we found that some of them claimed to offer free SMS tracker solutions.

In this post, we are going to cover the difference between free SMS tracker and paid SMS tracker app and will also be telling you which one should you use for monitoring someone’s text messages.

Different Between Free SMS Tracker and Paid SMS Tracker Apps

It’s not hard to distinguish between free SMS tracker and paid SMS tracker app. As a matter of fact, the free version of the SMS tracker app gives you a basic idea of the monitoring app and helps you understand how the app generally works.

By using the free trial version of the monitoring app, you can get a quick insight into the working of the app. However, you won’t be able to benefit from most monitoring features. The free version of the app offers only limited monitoring features and that may not necessarily include the SMS tracking feature.

Also, you can use the free version only for a limited time i.e. for maximum of ten or fifteen days. After the trial period ends, you won’t be able to use the app and will be asked to upgrade to the premium version.

Trying out the free trial version can help you understand the monitoring app only at a basic level but you won’t be able to use all the monitoring and surveillance featured offered by the app. Therefore, if you think you can stick to the free version and still be able to utilize all the features including SMS tracking then you are mistaken.

To benefit from all the important monitoring features, you would have to upgrade to the paid or premium version of the monitoring app. Most monitoring apps including Mobistealth offer monthly and yearly pocket-friendly premium packages that can be easily afforded by users.

So, if you ask our opinion, we would recommend trying the free version of the monitoring app but also upgrade to the paid version once your trial period is over. Only then you can monitor someone’s text messages effectively.

Using Mobistealth as Your SMS Tracker App

Mobistealth, as we mentioned earlier, is one of the most effective and reliable monitoring solutions out there. This app can help monitor both cellphones and computers. It records every activity taking place on the target device and transports the information to your online user account, allowing you to remotely monitor everything.

The reason we say that Mobistealth is one of the best SMS tracker apps in the market is that it lets you monitor the sent and received text messages on the target phone without them knowing. This app works in a stealth mode, especially in the case of Android phones.

You just need to install the Mobistealth app on the target Android device and once it is done, you need to hide the app’s icon from the application list by heading into the settings of the target device. This way the app will become invisible to the target person and will continue working secretly in the background.

Both incoming and outgoing messages on the target device will be recorded by the monitoring app and transported to the Mobistealth online dashboard from where you can remotely monitor the messages.

Mobistealth not only records the sent and received text messages on the target device but also notes down other details such as the name and phone number of the recipient, the date and time in which the text messages were exchanged.

Why People Use SMS Tracking Apps

The primary purpose of using a monitoring app to track down text messages may vary for different people. For example, parents would want to keep an eye on their kids’ text messages to see who they stay in connection with both online and offline. It is of utmost importance for parents to make sure their kids are not involved in wrongful activities and that they can only find out by tracking down their text messages.

Similarly, employers would want to track their employees’ text messages to ensure they are not involved in data leaks and sharing the company’s sensitive information with their competitors. SMS tracking is an essential part of employee monitoring as it helps employers know whether or not employees are interacting with their family members and friends during business hours.

What’s more, you can also track someone’s text messages, especially your partner’s, if you feel they have been betraying you by constantly lying to you and talking to someone else behind your back.

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